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Guide to Buying Golf Cart Tires

Guide to Buying Golf Cart Tires

Choosing the Perfect Tires for Your Golf Cart

Golf carts are not limited to just golf courses, and that's one of the most significant things to consider. Many people use them on their own properties or simply drive to the nearby market. Golf carts are also the first choice for many adventure enthusiasts. Because golf carts are versatile, golf cart tires play an essential role in your ride's safety and comfort.

If you are buying golf cart tires for the first time, you probably have many questions. Here's what you need to know to choose the right golf cart tires for sale for your application.

Why Do You Need to Replace Golf Cart Tires?

The golf cart tires will face a few different issues as they age. Driving older tires can be unsafe and lead to accidents or other dangers.

Reason 1: The tire tread will start to grow thin

In some cases, the tread will begin to become thin. If this happens, do not drive your golf cart again until the tires are replaced.

Reason 2: Trouble getting your golf cart 'up to speed'

If for any reason the tires leak air, they will go flat. Flat tires require more effort to move the cart’s weight, which means that you may find it difficult to reach your golf cart’s top speed.

Reason 3: Noticing cracks in the rubber of the tire

A small crack may not be a big deal, but as they grow, they increase the chances of tire leaking, breaking, or even bursting. Remember, golf cart tires can blow out just like any other tire.

How Do You Use Your Golf Cart?

The first thing to consider in choosing the right golf cart tire is to identify your primary golf cart use. Is most of your golf cart driving is on the streets, trails, or just on the golf course?

One of the difficult parts of choosing golf cart tires for the first time is deciding what kind of tire tread you need. There are mainly three golf cart tire tread types for different terrain, from soft grass to rocky roads.

Turf & Street Golf Cart Tires

Turf or street tires are the most common type of tire tread. They are typically the standard factory tires that will come by default with a new golf cart. These tires are designed to run on both paved roads and soft grass. Turf tires are the best option if you are just doing light driving smoothly on streets and turfed golf courses.

Off-Road & All-Terrain Golf Cart Tires

If you plan to use your golf cart for some off-road adventures, you will need to consider an off-road style tire. Off-road tires have thicker and deeper tread, which provides extra grip to push through mud, sand, and rocky ways. Off-road tires are usually recommended for utility applications like lawn and garden work.

Hybrid Golf Cart Tires

The hybrid tires offer the most versatility, so it is the preferable tire for people who use their golf cart on both the street and on some non-paved trails. It has a more aggressive tread than the street tire, but not quite as aggressive as the off-road.

What is the Right Golf Cart Tire Size?

Once you have finalized the right tire tread, you need to think about the tire's size. Standard golf cart tire sizes measure 18x8.50-8” (18” Tall Tire, 8.5” Wide tire, 8” Diameter Wheel)

Some golf carts will need slightly different sizes, based on the lift of the cart. Some people prefer a lifted golf cart that drives a bit higher off of the ground. A taller tire, which ranges from 18.5" to 24", will be required in such cases. Some people prefer lower golf cart rides to the ground. A shorter tire, which ranges between 17" to 17.9", will be needed in such cases.

Understanding the Golf Cart Tire Sizes

The most confusing part is finding the right size matching up the "tire size" numbers. Reading the golf cart tire measurements is something that most people struggle with. Golf cart tire sizes include many different numbers, which might be hard to understand at first. 

For example, a standard 18x8" golf cart tire is frequently represented as a 205/50-10 tire. Here, 205 indicates the tire's width in millimeters, 50 is the sidewall ratio, and 10 is the wheel's diameter in inches.

What Are the Most Purchased Golf Cart Tire Sizes?

Here is the most purchased golf cart tire size chart:

Tire Size Height Width
205/50-10 18” Tall 8” Wide
205/65-10 20.5” Tall 8” Wide
205/30 - 12 17” Tall 8” Wide
215/30 - 12 17.1” Tall 8.5” Wide
215/35 - 12 17.9” Tall 8.5” Wide
215/40 - 12 18.5” Tall 8.5” Wide
215/50 - 12 20.5" Tall 8.5” Wide
205/30 - 14 19” Tall 8” Wide

Which Golf Cart Do you Own?

Check out the best golf cart tire suggestions regarding the brand of your cart.


Club Car -

Yamaha -

New vs. Used Golf Cart Tires - Which One to Choose?

Just like any other tire, it's best to purchase new golf cart tires. For your tire's best performance, value, and longevity, always choose new golf cart tires. No doubt, buying a used tire will save a few bucks up front, but buying new will save you more in the long run.

Have any other questions regarding golf cart tires? Check out this Golf Cart Tire and Wheel FAQ page:


When in Doubt, Always Ask an Expert!

It can be daunting to deal with all the technicalities and specifications of golf cart tires. If you are confused about what kind of golf cart tires you should buy, consult an expert. For any queries about golf cart tires, sizes, or fitment, call at 800-401-2934 to talk to an expert atGolf Cart Garage.

Published February 23, 2021 by Golf Cart Garage

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