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Lester Electrical Is Not Just A Lester Battery Charger | All About The Company

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When you think "Golf Cart Battery Chargers", the first name that comes to mind is Lester Electrical. Why, you ask? Well, for starters: They are super awesome. But, aside from being super awesome, we are sure that you are probably looking for some information to back up that "awesome" claim. So, with that said, we are going to give you some history and information about Lester Electrical and their products. 

Grab a cold beverage, kick back and let's dive in! 

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Now, to fully understand Lester Electrical and Lester Electrical Battery Chargers and their power products, we need to start from the very beginning and work our way up through the years.

To begin: You are probably asking yourself "Where and how did this great company start?"

The company (Lester Electrical) was originally founded shortly after World War II in Los Angeles, CA by Louis Lester (hence, the name). Something very interesting, that most folks do not know is that, Lester Equipment Manufacturing Company originally produced cathodic protection systems for pipelines. During this production period, they were all the while adapting their technology for battery chargers. Battery chargers that would come to be the best and leading battery chargers in the United States. 

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Lester Electrical just recently (in 2013) celebrated 50 years of leading the industrial and commercial battery charger, electrical power conversion and storage industry through 3 basic traits: 

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Reliability

Now that we know where the company was founded and by whom, let's take a look at the timeline to delve into the history of this awesome company: 

March, 1963: A gentleman who had purchased the company in the early 1950's, name Don Wilson, starts to sell battery chargers to golf cart manufacturers such as Cushman Motors in Lincoln Nebraska. At the that, Cushman Motors was the leading golf car manufacturer in the industry. 

April, 1963: After leaving Cushman Motors as a purchasing agent, a gentleman by the name of Lanny Carrier who became familiar over the years with Lester and their power products, leaves Cushman to join forces with Don Wilson and establish Lester Electrical Of Nebraska, Inc that would manufacture chargers for Cushman Motors. 3,000 square feet of rented space and 4 employees, Lester Electrical produces their first product, the 36S2T12 Battery Charger.

August, 1972: AC line voltage employment compensates ferroresonant technology directly pioneered by Lester Equipment for use in standby products for Minuteman missile silos. During this period, the first Lester-MATIC charger hits the market and provides folks with a battery charger that is easy to use, set up and in addition, to improve battery charging performance. 

February, 1974: The patented release of "DV/DT" charge control debuts with the first charger that enables batteries to be properly and fully charged, with no user reliability (this essentially means "automatic"). Enter the Lestronic I Battery Charger. This technology that revolutionized the entire battery charging world and still to this day, DV/DT charge termination is an industry standard. 

January, 1978: During this period, Lester Electrical of Nebraska Inc. becomes an ESOP company. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, an ESOP company stands for "Employee Stock Ownership Plan". Essentially, this is designed for employees to invest primarily in the stock of the sponsoring employer. ESOP sponsoring companie, the selling shareholder and participants receive various tax benefits under this plan.

May, 1978: Probably one of the Lester Battery Charger names that most folks today are familiar with, is the Lestronic II. During this period, the Lestronic II battery charger product line is debuted. With it's iconic design and reliability, the Lestronic II battery charger would go on to be one of the best selling industrial/commercial battery charger lines of all time. Many people, still to this day, call us JUST NOW, in 2018, needing to replace a Lestronic II Lester Battery Charger. If that is not a testament to the longevity of these battery charger, than I do not know what is! 

September, 1986: With Lester Electrical's main focus primarily being on motive power applications for many years, the very first reserve power/stationary power product line is brought to life. As per usual, Lester Electrical, with their unrivaled reliability and flexibility yet again becomes the leader in industrial stationary markets. 

March, 1994: In case you were not aware, Lester Electrical is so much more than just a manufacturer of EZGO Battery ChargersYamaha Battery Chargers and Club Car Battery Chargers. In March of 1994, Lester Electrical releases a charging and battery management system for for Club Car (patented). Not just for golf carts, but also, for utility vehicles. The patented system debuted a whole new level of charging ability, sophistication and precision. From there, Lester Electrical introduces the leading DC Plug / Receptacle systems in the utility vehicles and golf car markets for Club Car. This system is still considered to be the industry leading system in the golf car world. 

May, 2001: Lester Electrical received the ISO 9001 certificate for quality assurance. In case you are not sure what purpose this certificate serves: ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.

February, 2013: The Lester Summit Series Battery Charger debuts. This was the first ever switch mode battery charger that featured the progressive DV/DT charge algorithm. This new Summit Series Battery Charger set a whole new standard for energy efficiency, switch mode charger reliability and charge control. This charger sky-rocketed in popularity among many applications, not just in relation to golf carts. The Summit Series Battery Chargers are waterproof, fool-proof, light weight, carefree and all around excellent. They are used on golf carts, boats, forklifts, floor scrubbers, etc. 

July, 2017: The Lester Electrical Summit Series II is born! 

As Lester Electrical leads the industry with solutions for battery charging, the Summit Series II boasts not only the switch-mode high frequency charging capabilities that you have come to know and rely upon, but now, as the companies continues to progress with the newest, latest and greatest technology, has included Bluetooth communication, Cloud connectivity and so much more. Aside from the Summit Series II setting a new market leading standard in the industry, these things are just down-right cool. 

Now, here we are in 2018 and one thing is for sure: Lester Electrical is still the best. See?! We told you! 

Not only is Lester Electrical constantly learning, creating, studying, inventing and manufacturing the leading power products in the golf car and industrial business, they boast unparalleled customer service, technical support and the reliability and values that you have come to expect. Most companies that have been in business for this long (50+ years) tend to lose those values somewhere down the line, but not this company. One thing is for certain: You can always count on Lester Electrical. 

We just have one question: What will Lester Electrical do next? 

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