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Lester Electrical Summit II Battery Charger

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You will get a REAL CHARGE out of this!

All it takes is a charger to bring your golf cart and your power outlet so much closer together…

The NEW Lester Summit II Multi-Voltage Battery Charger can be installed on-board or used as a stationary charger on ANY 24 volt, 36 volt, or 48 volt golf cart. This includes all Club Car golf carts with or without a working OBC (onboard computer). If you fly a 36V or 48V Millenium Falcon, it may even charge that, too.

36/48 Volt On-Board Golf Cart Battery Charger - Lester Summit II Multi-Voltage 36V/48V

To be specific, the Lester Electrical Summit II Battery Charger works on:

• 36V Club Car Golf Carts

• 48V Club Car Golf Cars

• 36V EZGO Marathon Golf Cars

• 36V EZGO TXT Golf Carts

• 48V EZGO RXV Golf Cars

• 36V Yamaha Golf Carts

• 48V Yamaha Golf Cars

• All Columbia ParCars

• All Taylor Dunn Golf Carts

• All Melex Golf Carts

• All Harley Davidson Golf Carts

• Star Cars

• GEM Carts

And so many more!

36 Volt & 48 Volt On-Board Golf Cart Battery Charger - Front

Ease Of Access

If you’re used to charging in your garage, it’s perfect as a stationary charger, but it can also be used in “on-board” mode so that you have the versatility to charge wherever you find power and avoid pushing your cart home after a long drive. The Flintstones was a great show, but the days of foot power are behind us with help from Golf Cart Garage!

It is an automatic battery charger so once your golf cart batteries are completely charged the battery charger will automatically stop charging, no manual shut offs required. It also automatically enters storage mode to provide maintenance charging for vacations or bad weather. Leaving for a couple months? No problem! Leaving for a year or more? No problem there either! (Though, if you leave it alone too long, it may begin constructing its own lightsaber.) The profiles also include an “equalize” charge for de-sulfating and extra battery upkeep to extend longevity. The LED indicator lights let you know when the smart charger is charging, done charging, or if there's an issue with your batteries. Don't forget that it's also drop proof and waterproof, so you can take it out in the rain, snow, sleet and hail. Perfect for outdoor charging posts, marine use (yep, you can use this Summit II Battery Charger on electric boats also!). Whatever the case may be, this battery charger is ready for virtually any job or application you have in mind!

New & Improved Features

If you are the type of golf cart owner who has always wished you had a better charger with more information, interaction, and control over it, this next part is for you:

This new heavy duty industrial build also features cleaner, more efficient charging and a Bluetooth App for tablets and mobile devices that allows you to view charge cycle status, choose or upload new charging profiles, and much more! (not responsible for what year you wind up in should you reach 88 miles/hour). Links to download the app and user guide can be found below. This charger is so smart, that it may want company.. maybe you should buy two or three so that it will have friends or start a band or something.

36 Volt & 48 Volt On-Board Golf Cart Battery Chargers - Side

The development team at Lester Electrical has designed this to be the most advanced, versatile charger with the most features and user interaction ever! This high quality, American assembled product comes with a 2-year warranty (covers everything) and bragging rights that your charger looks like it may have its own flux capacitor. We also have a team in place to make sure you can talk to a human when you need assistance or have questions, even find accessories like a charge gauge for your cart! (we don’t recommend checking the batteries with your tongue) Order yours today from one of our Customer Care Specialists at (800) 401-2934 to see how quickly the best new charger on the market can get your golf cart up and running and get you back to work or play!



• Physical Dimensions: 11.297L x 7.172W x 3.641H

• 48V/13.5A and 36V/18A capability in one charger

• ChargerConnect Bluetooth App for enhanced user control and monitoring

• Universal AC input with IEC inlet • 85-265 Vac, 45-65 Hz

• Best-in-class efficiency • California Energy Commission (CEC) and Department of Energy (DOE) compliant - Leading temperature vs output power performance

• Wet/flooded, AGM, gel, and lithium-ion compatible


• Physical Dimensions: 10.969L x 9.250W x 4.000H

• 48V/22A, 36V/25A and 24V/25A capability in one charger

• ChargerConnect Bluetooth App for enhanced user control and monitoring

• Universal AC input with IEC inlet • 85-265 Vac, 45-65 Hz

• Best-in-class efficiency • California Energy Commission (CEC) and Department of Energy (DOE) compliant - Leading temperature vs output power performance

• Wet/flooded, AGM, gel, and lithium-ion compatible


Safety/Regulatory Approvals:

• Safety/regulatory approvals

• UL recognized/listed, cUL/CSA, CE/EN, RCM, FCC, ICES, CEC, DOE

• Sealed enclosure, IP66, NEMA 4

• Progressive DV/DTTM charge algorithm support

• Switch mode (high frequency) technology

• Low DC Output Ripple

• Optional safety lockout

ChargerConnect Bluetooth App Uses:

• View charge cycle status data, including:

• State of charge (SOC), charge time remaining, time elapsed, current, voltage, amp-hours, phase, faults

• Manually stop/start a charge cycle

• Manually initiate an equalize/balance charge

• Select the active battery profile

• Upload new battery profiles to the charger

• Download detailed charge cycle history records from the charger

• Cloud connectivity via the app

• Download new battery profiles from the Cloud

• Upload charge cycle history records to the Cloud for access anywhere in the world

36V/48V On-Board Golf Cart Battery Charger - Top

For more information on the awesome features on the Lester Electrical Summit II Battery Chargers, please feel free to take a look at the following documents:

Summit II 650W Data Sheet

Summit II 650W User Manual

Summit II 1050W User Manual

Summit II1050W Data Sheet

ChargerConnect App User Guide

ChargerConnect App Google Play Store Link

ChargerConnect App iTunes Store Link

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