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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E4 (Tsunami Seats)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E4 (Tsunami Seats)

Welcome back to another blog episode of the Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2. We hope you're ready for some extreme golf cart makeover action because it is about to get pretty amazing. Last time we worked on installing a Storm body kit on our TXT, which turned out to be excellent. In this episode, we're moving forward on customizing our 2006 EZGO TXT by installing front and rear seats.

Front Seats Installation on Golf Cart

We choose MadJax Tsunami seats for our EZGO TXT.

Reasons to Choose Madjax Tsunami Seats

1. High Quality

MadJax Tsunami seats are made in the USA, with awesome quality stitching done in Georgia. The team at MadJax has gone above and beyond in terms of quality and innovation.

2. Best Comfort

MadJax has created a line of seats built with comfort in mind. Whether you are embarking on the adventure ride or exploring new trails, these seats will provide unparalleled support. The front seat cushion of Madjax tsunami seats comes with a hard shell backing which we don't see very often.

3. Beautiful Color Combos

If you want a seat that's not just black or blue, then the MadJax Tsunami Seats is right up your alley. There will be something for everyone with color options like gold and white and others such as reds, greens, etc. We chose black and liquid silver with lagoon grey for our color scheme.

4. Premium Touch

The marine-grade material of the Tsunami cushions will help keep it in great shape over time, while integrated headrests on the backseat provide extra support. The bottom cushions also have cell phone pockets! There are tons of unexpected extras here that make them one the most premium seats we carry.

5. Installation

The awesome video from Madjax will show you how simple and quick it is to install your new seat in less than 5 minutes! The assembly process is super easy, with easy-to-follow guidelines for even a first-time builder.

Installing Rear Seats

We were excited to install the new MadJax Genesis 250 rear seats on our TXT. They have some great features that we were super excited to use, including:

  • The seat back cushion can be adjusted for a comfortable ride, and there are storage compartments and drink holders in the armrests to keep your hands free.
  • The high-strength, polyethylene interlocking cargo bed is perfect for transporting large amounts of weight without fear that it will warp or bend.
  • A nicely designed lip supports the cargo platform's edge on the safety grab bar, which helps to give more stability.
  • Cushions made with a polyethylene base are more durable and won't rot like those on wooden frames.


The video from Madjax shows how to install the MadJax Genesis 250 rear seats in less than 5 minutes! It's really simple and quick, with an easy assembly process.

Final Result

Our carts look amazing with the addition of these new seats. Wave your hands over your favorite cart's damaged or outdated seat and watch it shimmer into existence before disappearing again. These Tsunami seats are available for many different models, so there's no need to worry that they won't match. 

The installation video is a great way to understand the process and get it done correctly.Are you struggling with installing your lift kit? Our GCG Gearheads on Demand can put you in contact with an expert cart mechanic no matter where you are!

Quick Tip: Don't drive the EZGO TXT? No problem. We've got your back with a vast array of color options for seats.

Winners of the Months

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Next Episode: Next time, we'll look at some great American-made options as we install a sun shade canopy top and a tinted windshield for a great aesthetic match. So, stay tuned!

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