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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E5 (Roof and Storm Windshield)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E5 (Roof and Storm Windshield)

Welcome to another blog post for Season 2 of Extreme Golf Cart Makeover. It's about to become pretty incredible, so we hope you're ready for some crazy golf cart makeover action. In the last episode, we worked on installing tsunami seats on our TXT, and they look fantastic. We'll continue customizing our 2006 EZGO TXT in this episode by adding an extended Topsail Roof and a Storm Windshield.

Installing Topsail Roof

We went with the Topsail Roof by Red Dot, which is a great match for the Storm body kit. Here's how to install a golf cart roof in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: First, we reinstalled the OEM front struts that were previously removed during teardown using the retained hardware. The photos of electrical connections and plastic bags with labels were helpful to refer to while resembling everything.

Step 2: Next, we matched the innovative modular nature of the Storm body kit with an 84-inch Red Dot Topsail Bimini top. Another American-made customization that had a great outcome.

Step 3: Once you've put the frame together, it's time to weave a cover over the top of your new creation. We found that the best way to get a good tight fit was by using zip ties. We tightened almost every loop incrementally and evenly, just as you would tighten lug nuts.

Note: Take time to read the instructions fully. If you don't read the instructions carefully enough or are in a hurry, there could be some failed attempts and frustrating moments.

Step 4: Once in place and stretched out, we weaved the lacing by starting in the center of one end and finding the center of the lace. We then weaved each end around each side to the other end and tied off. This method seems to get the tightest and most even results for us.

Pro Tip: It is always a good idea to document the work that you are doing during any teardown or installation. This way, there won't be any confusion about what needs to happen next time!

Why Choose the Red Dot Topsail Roof?

Reason 1: The complete installation was easy and straightforward. The instructions were clear, and the hardware that came with it all worked great! What else could be better than this?

Reason 2: Most rooftops are required to ship via LTL on a huge delivery truck. They arrive on a pallet, but this rooftop is compact enough to ship via FedEx/UPS! It was simple to receive and installed right onto our cart!

Reason 3: The looks matters and he roof came out looking fantastichere. We loved it!

Reason 4: The top is available for multiple models and has a 120-inch option to fit your needs.

Installing Windshield

In this episode, we'll wrap up with the folding windshield made exclusively for the Storm body kit.

Which Windshield did we Choose?

We were looking for outstanding quality here, just like our top and seats. We choose a tinted acrylic windshield from Red Dot, but as always, we can help you find the options you need right here in the Garage.

The Best Things about Red Dot Windshield

  1. They are specifically designed for the Storm Body Kit offered by MadJax.
  2. The folding windshield design gives you the option for an extra breeze on those hot summer days or protection from cool winter nights.
  3. Made in the USA
  4. The highlight of this windshield with the body kit was the border gasket at the bottom to follow the body lines and protect that paint job.

With the excellent finishing, we can see how much thought and care went into designing these fantastic products.

Winners of the Month

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Next Episode: Next time, we will install all of the extras like that rug which ties together with some other awesome accessories.

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