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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E2 (Lift Kits, Tires and Wheels)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E2 (Lift Kits, Tires and Wheels)

Welcome back to Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2. In the first episode, we started our series with some important information about the research and purchase of the cart. Now let’s get down into business by tearing the cart apart. Once that task has been completed successfully, then comes the installation of 5" Drop Axle lift kits and 23" Predator All-Terrain tires on 14"GTW Spyder Rims that we got from MadJax.

Tearing Down the E-Z-GO TXT

The cart's height and speed have already been documented, so we are now moving straight towards tearing it down!

Step 1

To avoid any issues during the process, we removed the keys, engaged the parking brake, switched from “RUN” to “TOW” mode, and chocked the wheels.

Step 2

Then, we removed the cart rooftop and struts all at once by unbolting them from their body. It's always great to have someone to help you with heavy items. Whether a friend or skilled co-worker, they can make the job easier and go faster!

Quick Tip 1: The condition of the vehicle you choose can have a dramatic impact on success. We ran into a lot of rusted hardware and steel rivets with our 15-year-old EZGO TXT used as an on-course service vehicle. Reattaching these points can require a run to the hardware store for bolts, rivets, and an applicator.

Step 3

The light package had long been disconnected but left in place. So, we also spent some time carefully reverse-engineering and removing the wiring harness, voltage reducer, and fixtures. Trust us, it sounds more complicated than it was.

Step 4

We followed the wiring and removed it without disconnecting or cutting anything important from the powertrain wiring.

Please Note: The harness that connects your charge receptacle, key switch, batteries, controller, and motor can usually only be replaced by contacting the vehicle manufacturer or having one fabricated. So, take extra care to leave that wiring intact.

Installation Of Lift Kit And Wheels

Front Lift Installation

Step 1: Raise the front of the cart using a jack. Make sure to put jack stands on both sides of the front end.

Step 2: With the help of a socket, loosen the lug nuts on the front end and remove both front wheels.

Step 3: Loosen and remove the tie rods. We wound up pulling the shock absorbers from the top because the lower bolts could not be safely removed to pull the axle assembly.

Step 4: Using a socket, loosen the bolts on the factory spindles and then remove the tie rods and spindles.

Step 5: Install the new spindles. Replace the tie rods and wheel hubs. This is also an excellent time to re-lubricate any joints. Since we’ll have to replace the shocks, we decided it would also be a great time to upgrade all the leaf springs, steering box, and tie rod assembly to give the TXT an all-new foundation. (Please Note: A pair of new shocks and some penetrating spray for some of the other bolts could have worked, but replacing all these components ensures they will be dependable and stay in place for years to come.)

Step 6: Adjust the wheel alignment, following the instructions. We chose 23" Predator All-Terrain tires on 14"GTW Spyder Rims.

Rear Lift Installation

Step 1: Raise the rear of the golf cart using a jack. Be sure to use both jack stands to support the back end.

Step 2: Remove the bolts from the bottom of the shocks at the axle.

Step 3: Using the jack to support the axle, remove the U-bolts and remove the leaf spring.

Step 4: Reinstall the leaf spring using the new and longer U-bolts. Carefully tighten all the bolts. Leaf spring kits generally don’t come with bolts for the shackle or shoulder, and if you have to replace these due to breakage or corrosion, we recommend ordering the correct OEM replacement instead of a hardware store find.

Step 5: Install the shocks to the U-bolt plates and tighten them.

Step 6: Adjust the wheel alignment, following the instructions

Quick Tip 2: Ordinary, everyday hardware used for shackle/shoulder bolts can be dangerous. Use frame-grade hardware and keep that cart and its driver safely off the ground.

Final Result

We’ve already got our cart lifted and looking better, and that’s it for today. The Madjax lift kit that we are using is fantastic. The quality here is a cut above the rest. Also, the manufacturer installation video can be a great help here to understand the step-by-step process. (Struggling to Install the Lift Kit? - Our GCG Gearheads on Demand can now put you in contact with a Master Cart Mechanic to guide you, no matter where you are.)

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What’s Coming Next?

In the next episode, we'll be moving on to installing our MadJax Storm Body Kit. Lots of cool features and quality that you'll want in your vehicle with all these innovative new additions. Stay tuned!

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