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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E3 (EZGO TXT Storm Body Kit)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E3 (EZGO TXT Storm Body Kit)

Welcome back to another exciting blog episode of Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2. As you probably already know, our team is customizing a 2006 36 Volt EZGO TXT that spent a majority of the past 15 years as a mechanic’s service vehicle on the golf course. Today we are installing a MadJax Storm Body Kit on our cart. 

In the last episode, our team worked on tearing down and lifting the cart to prep for this installation!

Which Body Kit We Are Using?

We are using a Storm Body Kit from Madjax. EZGO TXT has been one of the most widely owned golf carts since the mid-90s, and Madjax has changed the game here regarding body kits. The Madjax Storm kit is an incredible innovation for EZGO TXT models, but if you are driving other golf cart models, don't worry because Golf Cart Garage has your back. 

We carry an extensive range of body kits in different colors to suit most major cart models. This kit comes with great options for both old and new colors. We went with the cherry metallic red paint finish.

What Exactly Does the EZGO TXT Madjax Storm Body Kit include?

  • Front driver side and passenger side fenders
  • Center hood
  • Central panel for the rear body
  • Rear driver and passenger side fenders
  • Rear bagwell
  • Trunk cover
  • Rear bumper
  • Front grille
  • Fully upgraded light kit (Headlights, tail lights, hazard switch, turn signal assembly with cover, a brake switch, column cover for harness, horn, relay, 36 to 48-volt converter, and a USB charger)

Why Choose a Madjax Body Kit?

  • Packaging - The Madjax Storm body kits come in two boxes that can easily fit on a standard delivery truck. So, you'll get your new body kit faster than most other companies and without the need to call an 18-wheeler down your street!
  • Easy Installation - Building this kit is fun and easy! It doesn't take much time to put together. Plus, installing will be an enjoyable process if you're the kind of person who likes building Lego creations or assembling models.
  • Easy Replacement - This kit is modular, which means it comes with some assembly required, but the benefit there is that single components could be easily replaced if damaged instead of needing to purchase a completely new cowl or rear body.

Installing the Storm Body Kit

Get Your Cart Ready

At this point, It would be a great idea to wash your cart before you install the body. It is always good to pressure wash the cart before installing.

  • Guided Video - Use the very helpful step-by-step installation video that covers the essential details of wiring and configurations for different model years. This is perfect for getting started with your new TXT body kit installation, all hosted by an experienced tech!
  • Print Directions - You'll also have written directions where you'll find the detailed instructions to follow with color photos.
  • Gear-heads on Demand - If you get stuck during installation, we're here to help. Our virtual technicians are available for consultation if you have any questions or concerns. We offer our Gearheads on Demand service to provide live, in-depth tech assistance without you having to leave the house. Easily connect with us right from home on your computer or mobile device. Just click the link to set up your appointment!

Please Note: The kit also included the hardware needed to replace the rivets we drilled out during teardown. You can find affordable rivet tools online or at your local big-box store!

Final Testing

It felt great to take all of these steps and finally see what the cart would look like. Of course, we tested everything. The light fixtures are super bright LEDs with nice animated arrow turn signals. The brake actuator is installed quickly, and the kit has its native voltage converter to work with any TXT cart power. This body kit is the most versatile we've ever worked with. We have so many good things to say about its quality!

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Next Episode - We'll be looking at some beautiful Madjax Tsunami seats and will add a brush guard to the complete body kit later this season. Stay tuned! 

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