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Holiday Gift Guide for Golf Cart Owners

Holiday Gift Guide for Golf Cart Owners

It's that time of year again! The holiday season is in full swing, and people are scouring the internet for gift ideas. Golf cart owners might be looking for gifts for themselves or their spouse, kids, or friends who own golf carts. There are so many gift options for golf cart owners. If you're looking for something more personal that the golfer will love and enjoy, then we've got you covered! 

Here are Some Perfect Gift Ideas for Golf Cart Owners

Owning a golf cart is great, but having stylish accessories can make it even better. 

Golf Cart Phone/MP3 Cup Mount Holder

This famous techy gadget is an excellent gift because it instantly transforms a cart's cup holder into a sturdy phone mount. The base will lock into the cart's standard cup holder, ensuring that the user's phone is safe and always in place. The best thing about the accessory is it's compatible with any smartphone, regardless of its size.

Golf Cart Garage Gift Card

Are you confused about what to gift to the golf cart lover in your life? Do you have many things in mind but are not able to choose one? Well, then this is the right time to choose a Golf Cart Garage gift card. It's a great gift for anyone who owns a golf cart. The best part is they can choose exactly what they want to buy. Golf Cart gift cards are available in denominations from $50 to $1000. Give the gift of shopping at Golf Cart Garage to your loved one!

Phone/USB Charger For Golf Cart

This easy-to-use phone/USB charger is the perfect gift for your loved one to keep their phone and other devices powered during the ride. If you're shopping for someone this holiday season that owns a Golf Cart, then this might just become their favorite gift!

Golf Cart Cargo Box

The holidays are coming, and you're looking for a great gift to give to your golf cart-loving friend. A cargo box is a perfect present because it provides extra storage space for whatever they need to haul around!

Golf Cart Storage Cover

Golf Cart Storage Cover

A golf cart cover is a great gift for any golfer. They keep your car clean and free from leaves or dust that can build up in the garage while at the same time protecting it from sun damage on those hot days. The best part about these covers is that they help preserve the cart while adding flair to your vehicle. If you know someone who owns a golf cart but does not have one of these covers, make sure to include this product as a gift idea for this holiday season.

Nerf Bars

Nerf Bars

Golf cart accessories are items that you always want to buy someone but can never figure out what to get them. A new set of tires? That will only last for so long, and then they'll be back at square one again. Do not underestimate the power of golf cart nerf bars like the ones above as a gift. Nerf bars are an excellent choice because they're helpful every day! Plus, it's probably something they don't have yet. Give your golfer friend or family member the gift of convenience with these golf cart nerf bars today!

Steering Wheel

How about surprising your loved one with a custom  steering wheel? Custom steering wheels are an easy upgrade to add a personal touch to the cart. Choose from a large collection of colors and styles to find the perfect match.

Seat Cover

When it comes to customization, another great gift option to consider is  upgraded seat cushions or covers. Custom seat cushions or covers are one of the best gifts to give someone who uses their golf cart regularly. Cushions and covers are available in many different styles and colors. 

Whether your loved one is a regular golfer or loves to ride their cart around the neighborhood, seating is important. Custom seating can add personality and style to the cart!

Golf Cart Hunting Accessories

There are various accessories available on the market for turning your cart into a hunting vehicle. 

Gun Rack

Gun racks and brush guards are good options, and there is even the option of removable body kits to mount to the cart. 

Roof Rack

The  roof rack is also a perfect gift for the golf cart lover who likes to use their golf cart for hunting. Extra storage is exactly what golf cart lovers need to carry those hunting accessories.

Golf Cart Safety Accessories

What could be more important than the safety of your loved one? 

Light Kit

A light kit is another great gift option to increase the cart’s overall safety. Give your loved ones the ability to see when driving at night with a basic LED light kit, or get them a street legal kit including turn signals, a horn, and brake lights to ensure their safety while driving on the road.

Golf Cart Maintenance/Repair Kits

For the handy, DIY mechanic golf cart owners in your life that like to implement maintenance, repair, and other golf cart upgrades themselves, a great gift could be the standard golf cart maintenance or repair kit. 

Choose the proper maintenance kit for the specific cart model, which would include the parts required for golf cart maintenance.

Added Comfortability

Make your loved one’s golf cart rides even more memorable and comfortable by gifting them comfort accessories. Depending on the season, a ride in the golf cart can be too hot or too cold. 

Gift a Fan or Heater

seat heater for golf cart

Let them have a relaxing ride in the summer by gifting them a battery-operated fan to clip onto the cart and keep them cool. Or, get them a heater or enclosure for more comfortable winter rides.

Golf Cart Charge Meter

For an electric golf cart owner, there’s nothing worse than running out of power. A charge meter is a great way to keep track of the amount of power in the batteries. A battery charge meter works like a voltmeter, measuring how the voltage falls and rises based on the battery discharge.

Books And Magazines

Even when they aren’t out on the road, many golf cart lovers like to discuss and read about their buggy. You can give books related to golf carts or enroll them in golf cart magazines.

Golf Cart Outing Accessories

If your loved one likes to spend the weekend out with their golf cart, then some outing accessories could be a great gift. 


A cooler is a great gift option to carry and store sandwiches or a 6-pack of drinks. These coolers are generally made of heavy-duty materials and capable of holding up through extreme wear and tear. 

Radio or Speaker

A radio or  speaker set up is also a simple and entertaining addition to any cart, guaranteed to add fun to any outing!

We hope this article makes choosing a gift for the golf cart lover in your life an easier task with these suggestions. Don’t forget, many of these items are available now through  Golf Cart Garage, so you can order them now for quick and easy gift delivered straight to your loved one.

Have a Happy Holiday from all of us at Golf Cart Garage! 

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