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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E6 (Accessories)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 E6 (Accessories)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Season 2 is in full swing! We're getting ready for some incredible action, so keep reading. We all know that customising your cart can be a lot of fun, and in today's episode, we're going to show you how our team has been able to modify the 2006 EZGO TXT.

Time to Touch Up the Cart

Today, we'll be installing some new parts in this golf cart. All these items are available for other models so no worries if you have a different model. Will also include links so you can find them at Golf Cart Garage! We are sure these upgrades and accessories will make the cart stand out!

Madjax Armor Brush Guard

We're finishing our storm body kit today with a very impressive Madjax arbor brush guard made to pair well. A couple of unique features here are the Madjax exclusive Armor coat finish with a rugged, tough feel in your hands and the innovative under-cowl mounting system, which eliminates the need to remove top strut hardware during installation. It's a durable, welded construction and lives up to the quality for the rest of the project, along with simple U-bolt installation.

Madjax Armor Nerf Bar

To make sure we had all of our bases covered, the team added another old favorite from season one: Madjax Armor nerf bars with a drop-down side step. It has a tough coating for protection against impacts while still being simple enough so that anyone can put them up without too much trouble! We're getting a five-inch lower step into the cart for easier access. A good heads up here is that they also add about seven inches of width to the cart.

Speaking of measurements, here's where we also got a height measurement to see the results of our 5-inch lift kit and 23-inch tires from earlier this season. Keeping in mind that we've installed a low-profile custom top, we've increased the cart height by about 11 inches from 66.5 inches when we started to a peak of about 77.5 inches.

Floor Cover

Our next product will take the customization up a notch by incorporating an all-new floor cover from Madjax. This sleek and shiny carbon fiber design will make your ride stand out in any crowd! This fits beautifully and has a finishing touch. Now that we've seen it like this, all the rest of our carts’ floors look like they need to be replaced.

Side Panels

We're also pleased with the American-made side panels from Jake's. These diamond plate aluminium panels were installed quickly, and they helped to put another counter accent on the cart for the color scheme.

Dash Cover

Next, to match our flooring, we installed a carbon fiber dash cover assembly to make the place look more high-end. Here's another time when documenting electrical connections and photos was helpful. Once this dashboard is dry-fitted, there are some small screws to help keep it there. The trim pieces went on next to complete the effect. This looks great, and one awesome benefit of the locking compartment is that we've installed our USB charger that was part of the light kit inside the glove compartment for secure phone charging if you have to step away.

Steering Wheel

Keeping with the carbon fiber theme, we installed a customer GTW rally-style steering wheel. This is one of our favorite parts because it comes fully built up and looks great with everything else in black or silver!

Side and Rear Mirrors

With our last parts installed before cleaning up and getting a full test drive, we went with some side mirrors and an extra-wide 180-degree panoramic rear-view mirror that you can find at Golf Cart Garage. Installing these mirrors is simple; they come with everything you need to install them. There are also nuts or bolts included so you can keep them in place while driving - which will help stop rattling! We attached our interior rear-view directly onto the front top strut of the cart.

This is the perfect choice if you're looking for a universal side mirror that will work with any vehicle. The swivel feature allows easy placement and has more of an interior cart look than the traditional five-panel mirrors we see.

And that’s it for the day!

Watch the entire episode. The golf cart transformation is a real game changer. You'll love how it turned out and we hope you’ll at least tolerate the jokes.

Winners of the Month

The winners of the monthly sweepstakes have been announced. Visit our website to see who won.

Next Episode: In our season finale, we'll look at a test drive and speed measurement next time. A montage of all our work this season, some decals we've chosen to match the theme and will reveal this season's $3000 grand prize winner. Do not miss it!!

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