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EZGO RXV 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger - Lester 48V/13A

  • EZ-GO TXT/RXV 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger - Lester Links 48V
  • EZGO TXT/RXV Powerwise 3-Pin Plug - 45 Degree
  • EZ-GO Powerwise 3-Pin Triangle Plug - Side Closeup
  • 48 Volt EZ-GO Receptacle ON THE Golf Cart - Takes Triangle-Shaped Plug
  • EZ-GO Powerwise 3-Pin Triangle Plug - Above
  • EZ-GO TXT/RXV 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger - Back
  • EZ-GO TXT/RXV 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger - Side
  • EZ-GO Powerwise 3-Pin Triangle Plug - Above Closeup
  • EZ-GO Powerwise 3-Pin Triangle Plug - Length Measurement
  • EZ-GO Powerwise 3-Pin Triangle Plug - Width Measurement

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Made for 2008 & newer EZ-GO RXV golf carts and 2010 & newer EZ-GO TXT golf carts (48-volt), it's a heavy-duty automatic golf cart battery charger that will prevent any undercharging or overcharging of your golf cart batteries. The advanced storage mode feature lets you leave it plugged in all winter without your golf cart batteries dying or losing their charge. So just plug it in and forget about it! If your Delta Q or EZ-GO PowerWise QE battery charger recently stopped working, the Lester Links charger is your best option to replace it. This product is built by the most respected golf cart battery charger manufacturer in the business and is only made in America.

Product Description

This Lester Links 48 volt golf cart battery charger is designed for all 48V EZ-GO's that take the triangle-shaped plug with 3-pins. This includes all 48V EZ-GO RXV golf carts (2008 & up) and 48V EZ-GO TXT golf carts (2010 & up). It's an automatic charger so when your golf cart batteries are fully charged the intelligent battery charger will automatically stop charging. No shutting it off yourself, and no worrying about overcharging or undercharging your golf cart batteries. The charger will tell you when the charger is charging and done charging.

This 48 volt EZ-GO golf cart battery charger is made by Lester Electrical, a company that is well respected in the industry for making the longest lasting EZ-GO golf cart battery chargers on the market. Our customers have even found that these heavy-duty chargers will last for more than 20 years. 

The smart charger comes fully assembled with eight foot cables and a triangle-shaped plug. Just take it out of the box, plug it into the wall and plug it into your EZGO. That's really all there is to it.

Recommended For:     All 48 volt EZGO's that take the triangle shaped 3-pin plug ----- Need to Check Your Cart?  
E-Z-GO Mfg. Year:    2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
E-Z-GO Models:    Freedom TXT, TXT, TXT E, Freedom RXV, RXV, RXV E
Model:    Lester Electrical Links Series 48V/13A / 28100A90L5S3W1A1 / 28100
Condition:     New
Charger Type:    Fully automatic SCR charger (stops charging once golfcart batteries are fully charged)
Battery Type:    Factory preset for deep-cycle lead-acid wet cell batteries, but can be configured for AGM batteries  
AC Input:    Standard 110-120 VAC, 60 Hertz (Hz) input
DC Voltage:    48 volts
DC Charge Rate:    13 amp (13 amps is the standard for 48V golf carts)
Weight:    26 pounds
Warranty:    2 years - Lester Electrical Limited Warranty
Manufactured:    100% made in the U.S.A. (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Dimensions:    L 12.8" x W 9.0" x H 9.9"
Plug:    48 volt EZGO RXV/TXT triangle shaped 3-pin plug
Storage Mode:    Includes an advanced winter storage mode feature (tenders/trickles the batteries)
Replaces:    Powerwise QE, Lestronic, Lestermatic, Delta Q, Schumacher, Dual Pro, DPI, Accu sense, Accupower 
Replaces:    Stanley, Thunderbull, E-Series, LVS, Schauer, Quick Charge, Mad Jacks
Replaces OEM#:    27730-I90, 27730-90, 602089, 607468, 611200, 915-4810, 9154810, 26070, 917-4810, 9174810 
Repairable:    The Lester charger is fully repairable and all replacement parts are listed in the owner's manual
Owner's Manual:    Lester Electrical Owner's Manual - Model 28100
Product Includes:    EZ-GO golf cart battery charger, 8 foot cables & a 48 volt EZGO RXV 3-pronged connector  


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