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Lift Kit Types & FAQs

Golf Cart Lift Kit Questions:


What are Golf Cart Lift Kits or Lifts?

A golf cart lift kit is a set of parts/pieces that you install on your golf cart that gives you an additional 3”, 4”, 5” or 6” of height. Lot’s of folks install golf cart lift kits because it allows for higher clearance while driving over more rugged terrain such as brush, rocks, water, etc. Basically, you don’t dirty up the golf cart as easily (unless you want to). Also, a lift kit allows you to add larger golf cart tires. Aside from the applicability of being able to maneuver around rougher terrain, just like a full size lifted truck or lifted SUV, it gives a great look to a golf cart that a lot of golf cart owners really like. Check out our Club Car Lift Kits, EZGO Lift Kits & Yamaha Lift Kits.

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kit (A-Arm)


Why lift golf carts?

Aside from looking rugged, adding a lift kit to your golf cart means bigger tires. Bigger tires = more speed. This is one of the main and most popular advantages of adding a lift to your golf cart. In addition, adding a lift and bigger tires means you will be able to maneuver around rougher, more rigid terrain, and in most cases, the ability to go off-roading.


What options are there to buy a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

There are four different types of golf cart lift kits, the four options are: (1) drop spindle lift kit, (2) a-arm lift kit, (3) drop axle Lift Kit & (4) block lift kit.


What is a Golf Cart Drop Spindle Lift Kit?

Overall the most popular lift kit is the “drop spindle” lift kit. Affordable and super easy to install, the drop spindle design works with the golf cart’s standard factory suspension to increase and replace the carts spindle size and length. An increased spindle will give your golf cart a wider stance, and therefore significantly more stability. A wider stance also gives you the opportunity to add larger sized tires on your golf cart as it allows for bigger offset wheels. In general, a spindle lift kit will give you many more options for adding those custom wheels and big, rugged, meaty tires.


What is a Golf Cart Drop Axle Lift Kit?

“Drop axle” lift kits replace your golf cart’s front stock axle with a drop axle type design. Drop axle lift kits have a longer than stock radius that tapers down to the stock spindles on your golf cart. It also elongates your axle height and allows for replacement of your front axle while keeping your factory stock spindles intact. These lift kits (drop axle or axle lift kits in general) are a more inexpensive choice vs. the traditional spindle lift kits. Drop Axle lift kits are commonly put on EZGO TXT's. Here's a 5" EZGO TXT Lift Kit Drop Axle.


What is a Golf Cart Block Lift Kit?

Giving your cart an ‘instant boost’ in height and super easy to install, block lift kits add steel pieces under the stock suspension that are block shaped (hence the name of these kits). Block lifts are effective, quick and inexpensive. Keep in mind, however, that block lift kits do not give you as much wiggle room for flexibility as do the drop axle, a-arm or drop spindle lift kits, as the block lift kits typically only come in a 4 inch lift option.


What is a Golf Cart A-Arm Lift Kit?

A-arm lift kits are designed to replace the whole front suspension on your golf cart almost entirely. This gives for a super comfortable, smooth ride. In addition, you also have the option to use much larger tires than you would otherwise on a factory stock set up. The a-arm lift kit is one of the most popular lift kits, that gives the golf cart a very rigid, super lifted look. A-arm lift kits use circular-tubing (much strong than square), are very easy to install, and while not the most inexpensive option, it is one of the most heavy duty lift kit options. Great for off-roading and rough terrain!

Club Car Precedent Lift Kit (A-Arm)

 What does BMF mean on a BMF A-Arm Lift Kit?

A BMF lift kit is the most aggressive lift on the market right now! Designed for extreme environments and all-terrain use, it’s the meatiest, tallest lift you can get!  Some say it stands for "Big MFer." See Club Car Precedent RHOX BMF A-Arm Lift Kits, Club Car DS BMF A-Arm Lift Kits, EZGO RXV BMF A-Arm Lift Kits or Yamaha Drive/G22 BMF A-Arm Lift Kits. 


How Much Taller are Golf Carts With Lift Kits? What are the Golf Cart Lift Kit Height Options?

Golf cart lift kits come in 4 options, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” lifts. This is how much higher your golf cart is off the ground compared to the stock golf cart height.

  • 6” Golf Cart Lift Kits: 6” golf cart lift kits are the most popular among all of the lift kit sizes as they enable you to fit ANY size golf cart tires and wheels. 6” golf cart lifts are generally able to accept up to a 23” tire in the most rugged, all-terrain style. A 6 inch golf cart lift also gives you a significant amount of extra space in your wheel-well.
  • 5” Golf Cart Lift Kits: 5” golf cart lift kits, while not the most popular option among the assorted golf cart lift kit sizes, can accept up to 22” golf cart tires on Yamaha and Club Car golf carts, and 23” tires on all EZ-GO golf carts. There’s nothing wrong with a 5” golf cart lift, it’s just not as popular in the industry.
  • 4” Golf Cart Lift Kits: 4” golf cart lift kits are said to be one of the easiest to install, allowing for up to 20” tires on ALL golf carts without any friction between the tire and wheel-well. 4” golf cart lifts are generally available in the block lift style.
  • 3” Golf Cart Lift Kits: 3” golf cart lifts are super easy to install, and can accept up to 20” tires to ALL golf carts. In addition, a 3 inch golf cart lift gives you the same lift kit styles as the 6 inch lifts, but without the time spent to add the full 6 inches to your golf cart. This is a great option for people who don’t want to make their golf cart a whole lot higher than the stock size, but still want the flexibility of adding taller tires (without any rubbing), as well as adding a rear seat kits on the back.


Why choose a 6” golf cart lift kit over a 3” golf cart lift kit?

A 6” golf cart lift is the most popular lift kit on the market as it gives you the highest clearance over rough/rugged terrain AND can typically accept a 23” all terrain tire (basically, the meatiest, tallest tire you can get). 3” golf cart lift kits usually are not big enough to add the big rough tires.


Why choose a 3” lift kit over a 6” lift kit?

Not everyone wants or needs the height of a 6 inch golf lift kit or the intensity of a 23” all terrain tire. This is where other sized lift kits, in particular 3” lift kits come into play. 3” golf cart lift kits are the most popular of the low profile lifts. 3” lifts are perfect for cart owners who want a boost, but not too far from the stock height. 3” lift kits give you the flexibility of adding extra weight on the back (like a rear seat) AND bigger tires (in general, up to 20” golf cart tires) without any rubbing.


How do you match Golf Cart Tires/Wheels to a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

You need to know the golf cart tire size when attempting to pair up a golf cart lift kit with your golf cart tires/wheels. Note that the wheel/rim size is not important. The tire size is key. A 22” tire will ALWAYS be 22”, regardless of the size of the wheel that it’s mounted on. For example, a 12” wheel mounted on a 20” golf cart tire is just as tall as a 10” wheel mounted on a 20” golf cart tire.


Can I use a positive offset for my wheels if I have a golfcart lift kit?

No. The issue is all lifted golf carts will require wheels with a negative offset. All golf cart wheels designed for rough terrain/off-roading have a negative offset. This will allow for larger wheels/tires to fit under lift kits without any issues, and will make the base of the golf cart wider for more stability.


What’s the difference between RHOX, Steeleng, All Sport, MadJacks and Jake’s lift kits? Which golf cart lift kit is the best for my money?

There are lots of great lift kit brands out there to choose from, however, in our opinion, RHOX is the top dog when it comes to lift kits. With their innovative designs (including the new BMF lift kit series), top quality products and cost effectiveness, they are a great brand and we highly recommend them! RHOX is always coming out with new and improved lift kits for golf carts.


Can I lift my golf cart without a golf cart lift kit? If so, how?

Although there are many ways to build a homemade lift kit, it’s not recommended. We’d suggest purchasing a New RHOX Lift Kit. If you don’t want to spend the time or money to lift your golf cart with a golf cart lift kit, you can always throw on some low profile 14” inch tires for a nice little height boost without a lift kit!


Can you use a rear leaf spring kit with a golf cart lift kit?

Yes. In most cases it’s recommended to add heavy duty golf cart leaf springs when adding a golf cart lift kit.


How much extra weight can a golf cart hold with a lift kit installed?

A golf cart with a lift kit can generally hold or haul up to an additional 100 lbs. Add a couple of heavy duty leaf springs on your cart in addition to the lift kit and that will add another 100-200 lbs of load capacity.


How do I know the lift kit I’m buying is a great golf cart lift kit?

Researching the manufacturer is always a good place to start. Check out customer reviews and really study up on the maker of the lift kit you’re looking at purchasing. Heavy duty quality parts and pieces is another thing you’ll want to make sure that the kit comes with. Ask lots of questions! You can’t go wrong with a RHOX Golf Cart Lift Kit.


If a part/piece needs replaced or repaired on my lift kit, can I buy repair/replacement parts, or a WHOLE new lift kit?

No, you do not need to replace the whole lift kit. Lift kit replacement parts like bushings, tie rods, King Pin Camber correctors, etc. are readily available should you ever need to replace a piece or part down the road.


How deep into water/mud can you drive a golf cart with a golf cart lift?

It really depends on the size of your lift and on the size of your tires. The bigger the tires/lifts, the bigger the puddles you can drive through. Several inches of lift = several inches of mud!




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