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We take pride in our excellent customer service. We're the nation's #1 source for replacing your golf cart battery charger, a reputation we earned by giving thousands of customers the outstanding service they deserved.

Our friendly Customer Care Specialists are here to take your call in person from 9-6 EST on weekdays and via email 24/7 or online at Our business and reputation depend on your word of mouth, so a top notch customer experience is always our first priority. Take a read through some of our customer reviews below and you'll learn that we've built an incredible reputation by taking outstanding care of our customers.

DAN owner



Dan, owner of Golf Cart Garage, grew up with a golf cart in his parents garage, and always loved taking long rides around the neighborhood with his family, usually right around when the sun was setting. When parts would inevitably break, like when his brother went joyriding and cracked the windshield, Dan knew there had to be an easier way to get parts quickly and at a reasonable price. So in 2014 Golf Cart Garage was born with a mission to make golf cart ownership easy and fun for everyone.
AVI Operations Manager


Operations Manager

As the very first Golf Cart Garage employee, Avi often finds herself reminiscing about sitting at the local coffee shop with Dan back in 2016, learning all about golf carts. Through the years, she's learned about every different facet of the golf cart industry and as the Operations Manager now, is the reason that GCG functions so efficiently and skillfully. With 10+ years of customer service experience, she is our resident "team cheerleader" and nurtures a fun and welcoming environment for both customers and teammates alike. If she's not talking with customers (which she feels is the best part of the job!) or helping a team member solve a problem, you can probably find her down at the farm playing with her 4 dogs and 2 horses.
DAVE YouTube Star & Channel Manager / Advanced Technical Support / Senior Sales Representative


YouTube Star & Channel Manager / Advanced Technical Support / Senior Sales Representative

Dave is our resident gearhead, video host, and endless repository of horrible Dad jokes. He's always here to lend a hand with informative videos on customizations, repairs, how-to's, and quick tips... not to mention the occasional parody song. In his spare time, Dave loves to travel to new places for sight-seeing and concerts. Also, he's an accomplished musician, an avid reader, and hopes to someday be on an episode of "Somebody Feed Phil" just for the free travel and food. When asked what advice he'd give to new cart owners reading his bio, Dave replied, "The decision to replace certain parts is reversible, but the decision to drive through your neighbor's garden is not". If you have a question or episode suggestion for Dave, you can email
Airam Process Specialist / Accounts Payable / Order Fulfillment


Process Specialist / Accounts Payable / Order Fulfillment

As a jack of all trades, Airam wears many hats and has lots of different job titles, with her main responsibilities as our Order Fulfillment Specialist and Cost Accountant. She is responsible for fulfilling customer orders, placing orders with our vendors, taking inventory, installing and maintaining cost systems, analyzing variances and forecasting. Basically, she does a bit of everything on the backend, and plays a big role in making sure that our order fulfillment process goes smoothly, from the moment you place your order, until it leaves our warehouse.
Carlos Customer Service
(Bilingual - Spanish)


Customer Service Specialist (Bilingual - Spanish)

Carlos is an experienced customer service rockstar as well as an industrial engineer and a passionate mountain biker. As a bilingual customer service representative at GCG, his goal is to take care of our customer's needs and make their experience enjoyable from beginning to end. He is your go-to person to resolve issues promptly and effectively.
Frank Customer Phone Engagement Manager


Customer Phone Engagement Manager

Frank is a proud member of the GCG team who loves talking to people over the phone, he makes our customers' whole journey a pleasant experience starting from helping customers make an informed decision, placing an order, resolving any issue, replacement and returns. When things don't go as planned, he's the one who makes em' right! Frank loves listening to House-Music and playing games in his spare time. "If you're an existing customer we must have already talked to each other over the phone but if not yet, I look forward to it”
Kailey Executive
Assistant / Hiring


Executive Assistant / Hiring Manager

As our Executive Assistant and Hiring Manager, Kailey handles a wide variety of tasks. In doing so, she helps our team to run more efficiently and helps Dan implement changes pertaining to the business. She is also currently helping to grow our team exponentially. When asked what she likes most about working for Golf Cart Garage, it’s undoubtedly “being here to witness our immense growth. I cannot wait to see where the future will take us.” On a more personal note, Kailey is an equestrian and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. During virtual team meetings, there is usually a guest star appearance by one of her four cats.
Leo Customer Service (Trilingual - Spanish & French)


Customer Service (Trilingual - Spanish & French)

Leo at your service! One of our newest members in the customer support team. Super friendly and attentive! When he isn’t glued to a computer, he enjoys gardening and riding his bike around the city. Leo says: “I can truly say we focus on giving all our customers top notch service. We are always happy to help you, no matter how simple or complicated your question may be.”
Michelle Lead Sales / Content Marketing / Product Listings Coordinator


Lead Sales / Content Marketing / Product Listings Coordinator

As customer service & sales extraordinaire, Michelle loves helping customers to get exactly what they need for their cart while making it a fun and easy process! She also helps make sure that all of our listings are as accurate as possible, and works hard to add more and more products to our website each and every day, so we can ensure that our customers have a wide variety of options right at their fingertips. Additionally, she is in charge of editing our blog posts that are added weekly!
Rachna Social Media Manager / Copywriter


Social Media Manager / Copywriter

Rachna is a Copywriter on the Golf Cart Garage team, working on blogs and other writing stuff. As far as copywriting goes, she prefers to create something that lets other people inspire. She is a wordsmith and a lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things.
Rhea Customer Service


Customer Service Manager

Before Golf Cart Garage, Rhea worked as a Customer Service Agent for a credit report company. That stint, albeit a short one, made a lasting impact on how she deals with people. She believes taking care of customers after the sale is equally important as making the sale. A Muay Thai practitioner for almost a decade, she gives the martial art/combat sport credit for her patience and how she deals with adversities that may come her way.
Tim Master Cart Mechanic / Gearheads On Demand


Master Cart Mechanic / Gearheads On Demand

Tim is our senior tech and one of the most knowledgeable members of our team. Along with Dave, Tim is here to answer all your technical questions. He joins the team with over 17 years of golf cart technician experience. His love of all things mechanical started at an early age when he would take his toys apart and reassemble them, so they were faster and more powerful than they were originally. If you get a chance to talk with Tim, make sure to ask him about the 144-volt golf cart he built!
Nick Warehouse
Lead / Photography
& Videography Assistant
Photo coming soon


Warehouse Lead / Photography & Videography Assistant

As our lead warehouse staff, Nick keeps our warehouse in tip top shape. Nick handles everything from checking in returns, shipping new orders, taking inventory, building and repairing things around the warehouse and so much more! When he's not busy handling things in our warehouse, he likes to help out the customer service team in our chatroom. You may even see him answering some of your emails. Nick has also been dubbed "Dave's sidekick", helping out with videos and installations.
Azhar Customer Service / Order Fulfillment


Customer Service / Order Fulfillment

Manoj Bookeeper



Aiman Customer Service / Video/Photo Editor


Customer Service / Video/Photo Editor

Billy Ebay Channel Manager


Ebay Channel Manager

Bilal Amazon Channel Manager


Amazon Channel Manager

Karina Customer Service
(Bilingual - Spanish)
Photo coming soon


Customer Service (Bilingual - Spanish)

Gabriel Customer Service
(Bilingual - Spanish)
Photo coming soon


Customer Service (Bilingual - Spanish)

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Our Goal

To do great business with great people with a great attitude! We’re rockstars, ninjas, scratch golfers, and legends in our own minds. We wear a smile to work and hope to put one on your face, as well. Connect with us today. SHOP NOW

Golf Cart Garage Cares

At Golf Cart Garage, we’ve chosen to support CancerFree KIDS - A Nationally-recognized 501c(3) nonprofit program, that funds Childhood Cancer Research.

  • More than 300,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year. The mission of CancerFree KIDS is to eradicate cancer as a life-threatening disease in children by funding promising research that might otherwise go unfunded.

    CancerFree KIDS was founded by Ellen and Sam Flannery after their baby daughter was diagnosed with cancer in both of her eyes at 5 months of age. Today, thanks to cancer research, that baby is a healthy college student.

    Since its’ inception, CancerFree KIDS has funded 142 research projects totaling nearly $5.3 million. Funding goes directly to a research project where every dollar is accounted for.