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Trojan Battery - FAQ & How To Buy The Best Golf Cart Batteries


Understanding Golf Cart Batteries


1.)   Battery Voltage: First and foremost, you need to know the voltage of your system. It can be confusing! If you’re not sure what is the voltage of your golf cart, check out this super helpful link to determine your carts voltage: What Is My Golf Cart Voltage?

Once you know your voltage, you’ll be able to decide what battery voltage you need (6V, 8V or 12V) and how many you need (4, 6, 7 or 8 batteries).

2.)   Battery Type: Golf cart batteries are classified into a few different categories. Flooded Lead Acid (or ‘wet cell’ which are the batteries that you fill with water), AGM Lead Acid Batteries and Gel Lead Acid Batteries. Flooded Lead Acid batteries are what you’ll see in 99.99% of golf carts. Unless you are looking to do something fancy, flooded batteries are for you.

3.)   Capacity: Batteries must make a parallel connection in order to run at an increased capacity. This doesn’t increase your voltage, so keep that in mind. For example: When two Trojan T-605 6-volt deep-cycle flooded batteries rated at 210 AH (Amp Hour) are connected in parallel, the overall capacity increases to 420AH.

4.)   Connections And Terminals: You will need to choose the kind of battery cables you are planning on using, and that will help to determine which terminal option is the most energy efficient for you and your needs. Check the amount of terminals in the golf cart battery you have chosen, and purchase the battery cables of the correct size to make certain that your connections don’t get overheated.

5.)   Picking The Best Battery Model: Taking your energy expectations into consideration is definitely something you’ll want to do. It can be a bit confusing as all batteries pretty much look the same, but they might put out different amounts of energy. A good starting point, is to look at your current batteries and jot down the info from those batteries. If those batteries worked well for you previously with the current AH ratings, you may want to stick with those. With that said, the majority of people have standard golf carts and need standard golf cart batteries. Below are 3 options that work for 99% of golf cart owners. Keep in mind these will work on ALL GOLF CARTS (Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, etc.).


6V Batteries – Trojan T-105’s

8V Batteries – Trojan T-875’s

12V Batteries – Trojan T-1275’s


If you’re looking for something more powerful, less powerful, etc. OR you don’t have batteries at all, you can always call one of our Trojan Battery dealers at 1-800-401-2934 and we can help you decide!

6.)   Price: The price can be a huge factor for most people when choosing batteries, or any purchase for that matter. The general consensus is that, batteries aren’t cheap. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. BUT it’s important to keep in mind, and we know you’ve heard this before, “you get what you pay for”.

Skimping on batteries is never a good way to go as that’s your main source of power in an electric golf cart. There are lots of cost effective battery options out there that will provide you with excellent power for a good price. You’ll also want to take the above mentioned info into consideration when choosing and pricing batteries (i.e. capacity, battery type, terminal type, energy rate, etc.). You want to make sure you’re getting the most “bang for your buck”. 

Oh, and
one last thing, never, ever, ever buy USED batteries. Chances are they are not going to last very long.


The Best Golf Cart Batteries – Trojan Battery


Many different battery manufacturers offer great battery assortments from low cost, deep cycle batteries with tremendous power to a powerful battery that has faster recharge rates and is compatible with hybrid vehicles, floor scrubbers, RVs and almost everything in between. They are available in 12 volt, 8 volt and 6 volt options so, depending on what you need or how much room you have, there is something for everyone. With advanced technology that’s built into these batteries, you get the maximum life and power out of them.


So what is the best brand? The most highly recommended battery/battery manufacturer is Trojan Battery. There are many great deep cycle lead acid battery brands, such as US Battery, Interstate Battery, Powertron, Duracell, Deka and many others, but almost everyone will agree Trojan batteries are the best. Trojan batteries provide superior performance, long lifespans and have been proven to withstand the test of time.  What does this mean? Your golf cart will get the best power/speed with Trojans and the batteries will last the longest (5-6+ years on average). Here are all of our Trojan Golf Cart Batteries.


How to Choose/Buy Golf Cart Batteries


The Fresher The Better’: Batteries are best when they’re freshest. Ideally, we wouldn’t recommend buying any batteries that are older than 6 months. All battery manufacturers are required to put a date code visibly on the battery itself that tells you the age of the battery.


Not sure how to read the date code? It’s super easy! For example:

If the date code reads: K16. You’ll read this from left to right, starting with the letter. The letter represents the month of manufacture and the two numbers indicate the year of manufacture. So in this case, if the date code reads K16 the battery was manufactured in the in November of 2016. Here is a helpful chart to show the letters and their respective months:


A - January

B- February

C - March

D - April

E - May

F - June

G - July

H - August

I - September

J - October

K - November

L - December


Buy Only From Reputable Dealers:  Batteries are expensive. You’ll want to be assured that your dealer can assist you properly in making sure you buy the right batteries. You’ll also want to make sure they value customer service.


Check For A Warranty: This is something that we highly recommend doing when shopping around for batteries. Check to see if a warranty is offered and for how long. Most batteries, if not all, come with warranties. It’s a definite bummer to have just purchased brand new batteries and find out that one is dead. Battery manufacturers in general stand behind their products and offer a warranty, but it’s always good to check to be sure. Manufacturers such as Trojan Battery use the highest class techniques when manufacturing their batteries to ensure that they’re not going to die or become defective in a month.


Final Thoughts


Batteries are heavy and fortunately we offer FREE SHIPPING for delivery anywhere within the continental U.S. We only charge sales tax in Ohio and Texas, so you can save a lot of money on taxes as well. Check out the full selection of our Best Golf Cart Batteries. We also have a very detailed FAQ on Golf Cart Batteries & Chargers, so be sure to check that out as well. If you need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-401-2934 or email us at M-F, 9AM to 6PM ESTWe would be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have!