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What Year is My Columbia/Par Car Golf Cart?


Columbia ParCar is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies. They have been manufacturing vehicles since the 1980s after they acquired Harley Davidson golf carts from AMF Harley Davidson. After the Harley Davidson name was dropped, Columbia continued with the ParCar. 


How do I find out what year my Columbia/Par Car golf cart is? 

To find the year of your Columbia Par Car golf cart, you will need to find the serial number. The serial number of Columbia Par Car can be found above the rear wheel under the body or under the dash on the passenger side. The year is coded in the serial number. You can find the year in the last digits of the serial number.



3B - 3 Wheel Gas D3

4B - 3 Wheel Electric DE3

5k - 4 Wheel Gas DX4

6K - 4 Wheel Electric DEX4

7K - GU4 Gas Utility Truck

8K - Electric Challenger

9K - Electric Utility DE4

2L - 4-Wheel Gas P4G

3L - 4-Wheel Electric P4E

5K - 4-Wheel Gas Classic

6K - 4-Wheel Electric Classic

7K - 4-Wheel Gas Utility

9K - 4-Wheel Electric Utility

2M - 4-Wheel Electric Shuttle

3M - 4-Wheel Gas Shuttle

BE - 4-Wheel Gas

4E - 4-Wheel Electric


Apart from the first two characters, the following characters/digits are the serial number, except the last two. These indicate the decade by letter and year by number. 


Letter codes indicate the year in the decade. 


For Example : 





The last number indicates the year in the decade. 

77K21190-C5 = 1985 

3L14456-D1 = 1991