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Club Car Golf Cart Models: An In-Depth Guide

Club Car Golf Cart Models: An In-Depth Guide

Club Car is an American company that manufactures electric and gas-powered golf carts and UTVs for personal and professional use. Club Car has a well-deserved reputation for making well-built golf carts.

In 1958, Club Car started manufacturing golf carts, producing three-wheeled carts. The company has continued making golf carts ever since.

Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car has two main models of golf carts, called theDS and Precedent. The Precedent Club Car model was introduced in 2004, and the DS model has been around since the beginning and is still available in the market today.

Club Car DS

Designer, Dom Saporito, introduced a stylish golf cart with the model name DS (designer’s initials) in late 1980. Club Car made body changes in 1981 and introduced the “DS” model, and this model quickly became the flagship cart of the golf cart industry. The Club Car DS front and rear body panels were constructed of plastic and fiberglass. In 1993, Club Car redesigned the golf cart bodies and made both the front and back panels out of a material called ArmorFlex.

Club Car DS made in the year 1982 - 2005

  • Two separate seat backs
  • Rubber coated pipe as seat armrests
  • Silver aluminum roof supports
  • Plastic roof with no handles
  • Serial number located under the passenger side glove box

Club Car DS made in the year 2005 - Present

  • Connected seat back
  • Plastic triangular-shaped armrests
  • Black roof supports
  • Plastic roof with handles
  • Serial number located on a sticker located behind the accelerator pedal

Club Car Precedent

In January 2004, Club Car launched the Precedent, a golf cart that set a new standard for performance, style, and comfort. The Club Car Precedent is the latest and most modern golf cart produced by the Club Car brand. The Precedent golf cart line has earned many industry awards. 

Precedent models use an aluminum frame, which makes it suitable for coastal regions to remain rust proof. The Precedent has two sub-models, which you will hear as the “Champion” or “Professional” models. The easiest way to recognize is by examining the steering wheel. If your steering wheel has a square centre, it is a Professional, and if it is round, it is a Champion.

Personal Use Golf Course Use
Onward Precedent i2
Villager PTV Precedent i3
Precedent i2 Precedent 4FUN

Club Car Onward

In 2017, Club Car launched its Onward series of personal transportation vehicles. With a unique appearance in the front body, the Club Car Onward has been set up to be a vehicle with limitless options in terms of accessories. The Club Car Onward is sold as PTV, which means it will have a top speed of 19.9 MPH. A 2 seater, 4 seater, and 4 seater lifted vehicles were introduced when launched.

Villager PTV

The Villager model was introduced for comfortable travel through the neighborhood, downtown, and more as a low-speed, street-legal vehicle.

Precedent i2

The Club Car Precedent i2 comes with many benefits and amazing features. When it comes to technology, this model is very advanced. This model is lighter but also designed to be stronger than the steel frame. It comes with a built in drainage system, a new cabin, and better storage capacity.

Precedent i3

The Club Car family’s Precedent i3 model is one of the industry-leading golf carts that come with standard connected technology features like an electronic scorecard, hole overviews, as well as a GPS Zone messaging system.

Precedent 4Fun

Double your fun with the Precedent 4Fun, Club Car’s first four-passenger golf cart. From attachments to secure golf bags to cup holders to make things more social, you will get everything double in this cart. The design is excellent for couples, families, and respective groups.

Club Car Personal Utility Vehicles

In 2007, Club Car stepped into the Utility vehicles market with its XRT models of personal utility vehicles. Club Car also offers street legal golf carts with automotive features like seat belts, windshields, and more. The utility models expanded to more vehicle options after two years.

4x2 4x4 LSV
XRT 800 XRT 1550 Villager 2
XRT 800 XRT 1550 SE Villager 2+2
XRT 1550 with IntelliTach Villager 2+2 LX

Club Car Commercial Utility Vehicles

Club cars started selling UTVs for golf courses by modifying golf carts with holding boxes and other accessories. In 1985, Club Car manufactured the first of its modern day utility vehicle, Carryall ll, for business application, college campus, and golf course operations. In 2014, the company relaunched its commercial utility models in two types: street legal LSV and Transportation vehicles for resorts and venues and more such uses.

4x2 UTV 4x4 UTV LSV Transportation
Carryall 100 Carryall 1500 Carryall 510 Transporter
Carryall 300 Carryall 1500 with IntelliTach Carryall 710 Villager 4
Carryall 500 Carryall 1700 Villager 6
Carryall 550 Villager 8
Carryall 700

How To Find Your Club Car Golf Cart Model & Year Information

Club Car golf carts manufactured after 1981 will have serial numbers located just under the glove box on the passenger side of the cart or directly above the accelerator/brake pedal, and you will need the  serial number to find the year of your Club Car golf cart.

Club Car Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Because people use their golf carts for more than just golfing, the list of available options and custom accessories has grown exponentially. Take a look at Golf Cart Garage’s selection of custom  Club Car parts and accessories.

Published March 8, 2021 by Golf Cart Garage

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