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Golf Cart Dimensions and Their Importance

Golf Cart Dimensions and Their Importance

Golf carts come in many different shapes and sizes. But when you are looking for the right size, numbers can be confusing. Here's everything you need to know about Golf Cart Dimensions.

The process of buying any vehicle starts with a series of questions, and buying a golf cart is no exception. Apart from color, functionality, and features, size is also a question to ask. Since you will likely be trailering and housing your golf cart, you will want it to fit into that space with ease.

Golf carts are measured by their exterior dimensions using the length, width, and height. Here are some common considerations when selecting or researching your preferred cart.

How Long is a Golf Cart?

The golf cart's length measures from front to back on the longest part of the cart. The average length of a two-passenger golf cart is around 8 feet or 96 inches. There are also longer golf carts on the market which have multiple rows of seating or contain room for cargo and equipment. Based on the make and model of the cart, exact dimensions can be found in the tables below.

How Wide is a Golf Cart? 

The width of the golf cart measures from left to right across the widest part of the cart, including wheels, but excluding any side mirrors or other accessories. The golf cart is more narrow from the front than the back for functionality purposes. So the distance between the front wheels is less compared to the back wheels. The average width of the two-passenger golf cart is 4 feet or 48 inches. Golf carts made for 4 or 6 passengers are larger than this size. Exact golf cart dimensions depend on the make and model of the cart, as well as the seating available on the cart. See the tables below for more details.

How Tall is a Golf Cart? 

The height of a golf cart measures the golf cart's tallest point from the ground up. There are two ways to calculate the height of the cart. The first way is to measure the distance between the tire touching the ground and the steering wheel. The second way is to measure from the wheel to the uppermost part of the cart's roof. In the case of a golf cart with no roof, the manufacturer's height should be taken as the height from the bottom of the tire to the steering wheel. Just as with width and length, the height differs based on manufacturer. For more information, check out the tables below.

Dimensions of EZ-Go Golf Cart

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 Model Name  Length  Width  Height (W/ roof)
 Freedom RXV Gas        94.5 in        47 in       68.5 in
 Freedom RXV Electric        94.5 in        47 in       70 in
 Freedom RXV ELiTE        94.5 in        47 in       68.5 in
 Freedom TXT Gas        93 in        47 in       67.5 in
 Freedom TXT Electric        93 in        47 in       67.5 in
 EZ-Go Express        111.8 in        52.9 in      76.8 in
 EZ-Go Express L6        143.3 in        48.4 in      72 in
 E-Z-GO Express S4        118.1 in        48.4 in       81.8 in
 EZ-Go 2 Five Electric        107 in        47.2 in       81.8 in  

Dimensions of Yamaha Golf Cart

 Model Name  Length  Width  Height(W/ roof)
 Drive 2 – Fleet       93.7 in       47.2 in       70 in     
 Drive 2 – PTV        93.7 in       47.2 in       70 in
 Concierge 4       128 in       47.2 in       75.2 in
 Yamaha UMAX ONE       111.45 in       49.3 in       74 in
 UMAX TWO       119.3 in       49.3 in        74 in
 Adventure Sport 2+2       108.9 in       50.9 in       50 in 
 UMAX RELLY 1       114.5 in       53.5 in       74 in
 Yamaha UMAX RELLY 2       122.4 in       53.5 in       74 in

Dimensions of Club Car Golf Cart

 Model Name  Length  Width  Height(W/ roof)
 Villager 2 Gas       92 in       47 in        69 in
 Villager 2 Electric        110.1 in       50.8 in        49.8 in
 Precedent Stretch PTV       144 in       47.2 in       69 in
 Onward 2 Passenger Gas       92 in       48-3/4 in        71 in
 Onward 2 Passenger Electric        92 in       48-3/4 in        71 in
 Onward 4 Passenger Gas       108 in         48-3/4 in        71 in
 Onward 4 Passenger Electric       108 in         48-3/4 in        71 in
 Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Gas       108 in         48-3/4 in        71 in
 Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Electric        108 in        48-3/4 in       71 in

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