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Golf Cart Steering Wheel Types & Sizes

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Types & Sizes

While driving a golf cart or any vehicle, the steering wheel can contribute significantly to your overall experience. A perfect steering wheel can provide comfort, balance, and traction for driving. Keep reading to learn why choosing a perfect wheel is essential.

The Purpose of a Golf Cart Steering Wheel

The golf cart steering wheel aims to control the golf cart throughout its speed range with safety. The excellent steering system allows you to drive without much effort on different types of road surfaces. Replacing the golf cart steering wheel is one of the most common aftermarket changes for carts. 

After all, the custom steering wheel gives a new driving experience with suitable diameter and accurate driving.

The Function of the Golf Cart Steering Wheel

The important functions of the steering system are mentioned below:

1. With the help of a steering system, the driver can control the vehicle.

2. The steering wheel provides stability to the vehicle on the road.

3. It minimizes tire wear and tear.

4. The steering wheel helps contribute to a less bumpy ride.

5. The golf cart steering wheel provides a self-righting effect after taking a turn.

Types of Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Different steering wheels are made from different materials; some give you a better grip, while others are designed to be smooth. If you are using your golf cart for hunting, off-roading, where maintaining steering control is important, choosing a steering wheel with a good grip over a smooth one makes a lot more sense. 

Some are made for specific makes and models, while others are standard.

If you think you'd ever need to adjust your steering wheel like a regular car, then go for the Tilt steering wheel. If you are tall or share your cart with others, then a tilt steering wheel might be your thing.

You'll also find different finish types in the steering wheel. From Bronze, Chrome, Polished to different finishes. Apart from finish, different styles of golf carts are available in the market. Some of the most popular golf cart steering wheel styles are Aviator, Formula GT, Pilot, and more. (Link of product on our site)

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Sizes

Aside from the types of the steering wheel, the diameter is another important factor. In general, the steering wheel's diameter can range anywhere from 11.5" up to 14.5". A wider diameter might be able to give you more control if traversing through the rain or any other unfavorable conditions. 

Here are some of the standard sizes of golf cart steering wheels that you will find.

  • Smaller: The smallest steering wheel comes with a diameter of 11.5 inches. If you are looking for a convenient wheel that will fit easily in your hand, then the smaller type is an exact match for you.
  • Mid-size: Mid-size steering wheels range between 13-13.5 inches. This type of steering wheel is very popular among golf cart owners.
  • Larger: Larger steering wheel ranges between 13.5 inches to 14.5 inches. This kind of wheel is comfortable and easy to control.

Things to Consider While Buying Golf Cart Steering Wheel

There are few things to consider while choosing a steering wheel for your golf cart.

  • Diameter: The first thing you need to look at is the diameter of the steering wheel. The golf cart steering wheel comes in large and small, both diameters. Based on your preferences, you will need to pick a larger one or a small one.
  • Fit: The steering wheel must fit your cart. The steering wheel that you are chasing should come with a compatible hub adapter for your cart.
  • Installation: Just like the fitment, the installation process could be different. That's why, when you will go to buy a new wheel, make sure that you are entirely sure about the installation process.
  • Adapter: Not every steering wheel requires an adapter while installing. But, there are undoubtedly many wheels where the adapter can be a great help, and many others where the adapter is required for installation.
  • Grip and Cover: Construction of the grip and the cover of the wheel must need to be considered. If the wheel's grip is not perfect, you will not get the exact amount of feel while driving. Apart from this, the material of the cover is also going to enhance the driving feel.

Why Do You Need to Use an Adapter?

The most common question people have in mind is why they need an adapter for the golf cart steering wheel. Following are some of the common reasons why you need an adaptor.

  1. Chances are some golf carts might not fit the steering wheel you plan to buy.
  2. With the use of an adapter, you'll get the freedom to use any steering wheel with your golf cart.
  3. With the adapter, installing the golf cart steering wheel will be an easy process.

Make sure to check for the adapter while buying the steering wheel. It is possible that there will not be any adapter with the steering wheel you buy.

Apart from the adapter , the steering wheel cover is also one of the important accessories.

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Covers

Another important factor to consider when it comes to your golf cart steering wheel is comfort. The desire for comfort is the reason why so many golf cart owners prefer to buy steering wheel covers for their cart. Apart from comfort, steering wheel covers can also protect the wheel from being weakened. 

However, choosing the right type of steering wheel cover can be a confusing task. It's because these covers are available in different materials and patterns, and choosing one is not always easy. You can choose ones to match your steering wheel and even your dash. If possible, choose a golf cart steering wheel cover based on your needs and preferences.

Final Thought

Make sure to choose the right steering wheel for your golf cart to avoid unnecessary replacement costs and protect it from any damage. If you are looking for a specific golf cart steering wheel, or have any confusion, get in touch with Golf Cart Garage experts.

Published April 26, 2021 by Golf Cart Garage

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