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Golf Cart Battery Charger 36/48 Volt On-Board - Lester Electrical Summit 2

Golf Cart Battery Charger 36/48 Volt On-Board - Lester Electrical Summit 2

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  • 100% Service Guarantee
  • 45-Day Returns Policy
  • Always a Human to Call

Warranty Information

  • Made for BOTH 36 volt AND 48 volt golf carts & charges your batteries quick
  • It's waterproof! It's drop-proof! Installs in 1 minute!
  • 4 year manufacturer warranty
  • Automatically charges batteries and keeps them at full charge even when you're away from your home/work so they never die and give your batteries longer overall life


    • 100% Service Guarantee
    • 45-Day Returns Policy
    • Always a Human to Call

    Lester Electrical On-Board Charger for Your Golf Cart: Lester Summit II Battery Charger for All 36V & 48V Vehicles

    Charge Batteries Fast. Less Time Waiting. Never Stranded Without Your Charger.

    Want to keep your electric golf cart juiced up for any adventure? Get this onboard charger from the Lester Summit II Series, engineered by industry leader Lester Electrical. Compact yet packed with power, it can travel with you onboard your cart, allowing you to charge up your batteries anywhere, so you're always ready to roll.

    The Most Advanced Charger. Batteries Are ALWAYS Charged When Plugged In.

          • Automatic voltage detector, which identifies your cart's voltage (36V or 48V) and adjusts accordingly
          • Proprietary charge algorithms that instantly tell you if batteries need juice (and how much)
          • Free Bluetooth app compatible with both Apple and Android devices. View your charge-cycle status, download charge-history records, switch between on-board and off-board, and more


    Monitor Your Golf Cart's Charge From Your Phone.

        • ChargerConnect app is compatible with Apple and Android
        • Connect to a charger in seconds
        • See charge cycle history records at your fingertips


    Works With All Golf Carts. 4-Year Warranty.

          • Powers virtually any batteries, including wet-flooded, AGM, gel, and lithium-ion
          • Charges both 36V and 48V battery banks without even missing a beat
          • May not work if your our current charger is a Delta-Q ON-BOARD Charger with 4 wires part # 912-3600 (only on some 2010-2016 EZ-GO, Cushman & Par Car golf carts).

    It's Waterproof. It's Drop Proof. It Works Rain Or Shine.

    The On-Board Golf Cart Battery Charger - Lester Summit II features a rugged and weatherproof design, making it ideal for any condition. It also includes an automatic shut-off feature that prevents damage to your batteries, ensuring a long lifespan. With its simple operation and intuitive design, the Onboard Golf Cart Battery Charger is the perfect choice for keeping your golf cart batteries charged and ready to go.

    Installation Anyone Can Handle.

    The smart charger comes fully assembled with nine-foot cables and ring terminals. Just take it out of the box, plug it into the wall, and attached it to your golf cart batteries. That's really all there is to it.


    Recommended For: Onboard installation with 5/16 inch ring terminals for 36/48V golf carts (No DC plug)
    Model: Lester Electrical Summit Series II 36V-48V / 30600E05AKBS00B2 / 30600
    Condition: New
    Charger Type: Fully automatic (stops charging once golfcart batteries are fully charged)
    Battery Type: Factory preset for lead-acid wet cell batteries but can be user configured for AGM/others
    AC Input: 100-230 VAC, 50-60 Hertz (Hz) input (works in any country in the world)
    DC Watts: 650 watt
    DC Voltage: Autochanges to 36 or 48 volts
    DC Charge Rate: 36V=18 amps / 48V=13.5 amps
    Weight: 8 pounds
    Warranty: 4 years - Lester Electrical Limited Warranty
    Dimensions: L 11.3" x W 7.2" x H 3.7"
    Water Resistant: Includes a sealed aluminum enclosure that is resistant to rain & snow
    Storage Mode: Includes an advanced winter storage mode feature (similar to a trickle charger / trickler)
    Replaces: Lestronic II (Lestronic 2), Lestermatic, Delta Q QuiQ, Schumacher, Dual Pro, DPI, Accusense, Accupower, etc.
    Owner's Manual: Lester Electrical Summit Series II Owner's Manual - Model 30600
    Bluetooth App: Lester Bluetooth App Instructions For Apple & Android
    Additional Info: Lester Summit Series II Next Generation Information Sheet
    Product Includes: Onboard / builtin golf cart battery charger, 6 ft AC Cord & 5/16 inch ring terminals

    We also have an extensive resource on Lester Electrical Summit II Chargers.

    If you are looking for a particular DC plug or are you're unsure whether you've chosen the right charger for your golf cart, check out our buyer's guide on What Is The Best Golf Cart Battery Charger. If you have questions about golf cart chargers or batteries, see our FAQ on Battery Chargers and Batteries For Golf Carts.

    This charger works as a replacement for a Lestronic II charger. If you'd like a 36V/48V Onboard Charger with more amperage (amps), here's a High Amperage 24V/36V/48V Onboard Battery Charger.

    If you have questions about anything else, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-401-2934 or send us an email at

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    Golf Cart Battery Charger 36/48 Volt On-Board - Lester Electrical Summit 2
    $349.99 - $369.99