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Golf Cart Floor Protector Mat

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*Universal Floor Protector Mat for ALL standard golf cart models! *High quality poly material protects your garage or storage area floor! *Tough, lightweight, and versatile! *Place anywhere to help stop dirt, grime, battery acid, harsh cleaners, corrosives and more! *Great for rolling up to hit spiders or insolent children… does not taste very good, though.

This Universal Floor Protector Mat is perfect for all standard golf cart models. It’s the best solution to keep your garage, driveway, or storage area looking great with a safe, clean floor! Park your golf cart right here to help keep your surface protected from dirt, grime, harsh cleaners, battery acid, corrosives, debris, skid marks from bad golf cart drivers, muddy pet paws, stains, footprints, dancedance revolution, guys named Matt, and much more!

Whether you’re protecting your garage/storage area floor from what your cart drags in or from what it may be leaking out, protecting your tires, trying to keep part of your floor warm, or maybe your golf cart is considering taking up yoga, this is the perfect solution! It even comes with FAST, FREE SHIPPING to get your surface protected right away!

The applications for this high quality floor mat are endless! Have questions? Let our friendly Customer Care Specialists help you find just the right enclosure or other golf cart parts and accessories at (800) 401-2934!

 Recommended For:     All standard sized golf carts  
Condition:     New
Color:    Black
Weight:    3 pounds
Dimensions:     L 8.5' X W 5'
Shipping Dimensions:     L 24" X W 15" X H 2"                               
Warranty:    3 year
Product Includes:    Floor protector mat 


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-401-2934 or send us an email at Support@GolfCartGarage.com.

Golf Cart Floor Protector Mat