Picking the Best Golf Cart Charger

 Guide to Picking the Best Golf Cart Charger


You only need to know two things: 


 Picking the Best Golf Cart Charger
You need to match volts to volts. If you have a 36-volt golf cart, you need a 36-volt charger. If you have a 48-volt golf cart, you need a 48-volt charger. If you do not know the voltage of your golf cart, click here: How Many Volts Does My Golf Cart Have? You need to choose the golf cart charger with the plug that goes into your golf cart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Put It All Together - Match the Volts & Match the Plug

Click on link below that (1) has your golf cart's volts AND (2) has the plug that goes into your golf cart. *There is ONLY one plug for your golf cart.


Golf Cart Charger Plug 36-Volt Golf Cart 48-Volt Golf Cart
EZ-GO Powerwise D Plug - GolfCartGarage.com

36-Volt EZ-GO Charger

(only for EZ-GO golf carts)

Club Car 3-Pin Round Plug - GolfCartGarage.com ---

48-Volt Club Car Charger

(only for Club Car golf carts)

Crowsfoot Plug - GolfCartGarage.com  

36-Volt Crowsfoot Charger

(for Club Car's, Yamaha's & others)


48-Volt Crowsfoot Charger

(for Fairplay, Par Car & others)

EZ-GO Triangle 3-Pin Plug - GolfCartGarage.com ---

48-Volt EZ-GO Charger

(only for EZ-GO RXV's/TXT's)

Yamaha 2-Pin Plug - GolfCartGarage.com ---

48-Volt Yamaha Charger

(only for Yamaha golf carts)

*2-pin works with 3-pin Yamaha DRIVE

EZ-GO SB50 Plug - GolfCartGarage.com

36-Volt EZGO Charger

(for older EZ-GO's & machines)

48-Volt SB50 Charger

(for a few golf carts & machines)

EZ-GO Powerwise Notched Plug ---

48-Volt EZGO Charger

(only for EZGO TXT/Shuttle)

5/16 Inch Ring Terminals - Onboard Battery Charger

On-Board 36-Volt Charger

(for most 36V golf carts & 36V machines)

On-Board 48-Volt Charger

(for most 48V golf carts & 48V machines)



Not Seeing Your Charger or Plug? Have a Golf Cart Charger Question?

We carry golf cart chargers for all golf carts, including any Club Car Charger, EZGO Charger or Yamaha Charger.

We also carry chargers for other machines, including 24 Volt Chargers, 36 Volt Chargers, 42 Volt Chargers or 48 Volt Chargers.

If you have questions about your current charger, please take a look at our Golf Cart Battery Charger FAQ and Golf Cart Battery Maintenance tutorial.  

If you are looking to buy a 24, 36 or 48 volt charger (24V/36V/48V) for a floor scrubber, floor machine, floor cleaner, scissor lift, manlift, John Deere Gator, boat, etc., you can give us a call at 1-800-401-2934 or send us an email at Support@GolfCartGarage.com and we'll try to find the best charger for you.


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