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5 Most Common Golf Cart Noises (And How to Fix Them)

5 Most Common Golf Cart Noises (And How to Fix Them)

Golf carts sometimes make some weird noises, and most golf cart owners have experienced it. While these noises may not be dangerous, they can be irritating and a sign of damage.

The golf cart noises are often more persistent and problematic. As a result, it is essential to look at the different noises you're likely to hear when your cart runs. By understanding different golf cart noises and the reason for their occurrence, it should be easier for you to keep your cart in a good operating condition.

Golf Cart Making Grinding Noise

If your golf cart is making a grinding noise while running, the issue could be due to the bearings. The grinding noise is very irritating, and the problem is generally with one of the physical or mechanical parts.


As a solution, consider replacing the bearings . Apart from this, failure of the spindle nut or the hub mechanism could cause a grinding noise. In most cases, the grinding noise could be due to the spindle nut or the brake mechanism.

Once you start observing the grinding noise, you're probably going to notice the sound level becoming louder and more intense. This is because, once bearings start to go bad, they often fail almost entirely and can become almost unusable in just a few hours. So, it is important to not experiment in this situation and reach out to a professional to handle the issue.

Golf Cart Making Buzzing Noise

If your cart makes some buzzing noise, then do not worry. Chances are, it could be a minor issue and can be solved quickly.


Usually, the buzzing noise comes when water gets into various parts of your cart. If the buzzing noise is coming right after you washed your cart, it could be because of the water getting under the floorboards. The best solution is to let the water dry well before using the cart. 

However, you may also have some water left in your F&R switch, or it could be because of water on the battery wires. This water-related danger is one you need to take very seriously. Instead of attempting without any precaution, we suggest that you arrange a visit to a cart specialist.

Golf Cart Making Beeping Noise

The beeping noise in the golf cart is because the battery is not fully charged, low battery voltage, or because the rear end fluid needs changing. The beeping noise may come during a regular drive, but most people hear it when the cart is being reversed.


In most cases, a damaged solenoid could be causing the issue of beeping noise. Replacing the bad or damaged solenoid is one way of solving the beeping noise. Sometimes, the buzzer wires could be going into the F&R switch. Replacement of this may help to solve the issue.

If you're using a custom tire, the issue could sometimes stem from that. Golf carts are designed to carry a specific load for a distance. Replacing the tires may put them under a great deal of pressure for their torque.

If all of these efforts fail, you can inspect the batteries or the motor. If any of these have malfunctioned, then you may hear the beeping sound.

Golf Cart Making Whining Noise

The whining noises aren't the most dangerous types that your cart will experience as it runs. You just need to immediately fix this noise to make sure it doesn't become louder and trigger more issues. The whining noise could be because of damaged motor bearings or an indication of needing fluids/oil.


As a solution, you can check the fluid levels throughout your cart and change them if the fluid is too thick or the fluid level is too low, to make sure the whining noise goes away. If you find the noise is present when you accelerate but goes off when you remove your foot from the pedal, then the issue is most likely related to the gears or the motor. 

Apart from that, usually whining noises are caused by problems like input shaft bearings, motor bearings, worn down brakes, problems with gears, electrical fittings, or poor fluid retention. As you can see, most of these issues happen with important cart elements, so you should consider getting an expert to take a look and make the necessary repairs.

Golf Cart Making Clicking Noise

Golf cart owners often experience hearing clicking noises when they run their cart and get up to an average or above-average speed. Well, the clicking noise is quite normal for a golf cart and is not something you need to worry about. Typically, a clicking noise on a golf cart suggests that wheels drums may be touching the sides of the vehicle. You may also hear a click sound if your car has lost any bolts that are wiggling in place as you ride your cart.


You may need to check wheel bearings, friction modifiers, and bolts to make sure they are tight. You may also need to inspect the tire bottoms because, sometimes, a click might turn out to be as simple as an item stuck in the tread of the tire. In case of replacement, consider quality golf cart tires at Golf Cart Garage.

For more information, get in touch with experts at Golf Cart Garage. You can also book a quick appointment with our certified specialist to help identify and solve your golf cart problems quickly.

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