Club Car Controllers and Troubleshooting

The  Club Car controller measures the batteries’ current and voltage to adjust the golf cart's speed. It monitors the state of the motor and generates a signal to match the alternating currents. The Club Car controller is also known as a speed controller, and the best thing about the controller is that it works as a brain and speed control system for the golf cart.

Functions of Club Car Controller

As the name suggests, one of the important functions of a speed controller is to allow the controller to manage the vehicle's speed. The speed controller controls the acceleration and deceleration of a golf cart and allows the rider to adjust the motor's current. The controller plays an important role in managing the golf cart's power system.

Following are some of the primary functions of the speed controller:

  • Limiting Motor Current – Protects the motor and controller from damage in case of stalling and overloading.
  • Limiting Battery Current – Managing current drawn from the battery so that the battery could be protected from excessive discharging and damage.
  • Thermal Protection – Protects the speed controller from overheating in unfortunate conditions.
  • Acceleration Rate – The Rate of acceleration to determine how fast Club Car accelerates when full throttle is applied.
  • Feedback support for the device

Some speed controllers allow customized programming to change the basic functions, especially top speed. How customizable your controller will be is based on whether your electric Club Car golf cart is a Series system or a Shunt system.

Types of Club Car Controllers

1. 200-300 AMP Controller

200-300 Amp controllers are perfect if you intend to use a Club Car for regular trips around the neighborhood. This Club Car controller is best suited for two passenger carts. This speed controller can be paired with a small 2 HP or 5 HP motor. You will most likely find this Club Car controller in the 36 Volt carts.

2. 300-600 AMP Controller

This controller is preferable for Club Cars with rear seats and a cargo bed, and the Club Cars that are used for rides that have steep hills. The 300-600 Amp controller can easily be paired with big motors ranging from 5 HP to 10 HP. This Club Car controller is recommended and used in both 36V and 48V Club Cars.

3. Programmable Controller

The programmable controller can easily be configured for the needs of your cart. This controller's most significant and important advantage is that programmable controllers produce 60% less heat than other controllers.

How to Troubleshoot a Club Car Controller

If your controller is damaged, your cart won't run. However, a few other reasons could lead your vehicle to stop running. Since the speed controller is the heart of your electric golf cart, you need to make sure that the problem is not something else first. Following is a list of things to check before you troubleshoot the speed controller.

Check the Batteries 

Start with batteries and make sure they are working properly. If your batteries are dead, your golf cart will not start. Charge your batteries completely, and then try to drive the cart.

Inspect the Solenoid 

If your cart doesn't start even after charging, press the accelerator pedal. If the cart doesn't start, check the solenoid. If the solenoid is working fine and allowing power to flow, then you can begin inspecting the controller. Learn more about  symptoms of a bad golf cart solenoid.

If all the components are working well, the next step is to check the speed controller.

Check the Controller

Check all the wiring and signs for any damage. Most controllers have an operation light that will start to flash a Morse code that will disclose the problem's secrets. If the code suggests the source voltage is incorrect, you need to go back to the previous steps. 

If the code indicates a faulty controller, the controller will need a reset or repair. If the issue is serious, then it is best to buy a new controller which you can  find here.

Club Car Controller Replacement

If you have finalized that it is time to replace the controller, then be sure to note these simple tips. First, make sure to disconnect the batteries’ power. Next, be careful about the wires. Even if the power is disconnected, it is not advisable to take a risk with the controller. 

At last, while tightening the cables back onto the controller, do not use power tools. Use hand tools so that you don't over-tighten and strip the connection.

For any confusion regarding the Club Car controller replacement part, get a solution straight from an EXPERT. Set up a quick call to solve  everyday golf cart problems.

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Final Words On Club Car Controller

From being able to change your golf cart's speed to manage all the electrical components perfectly, the controller is an important element of your cart. You could say the controller is the heart of your cart. A properly selected and maintained controller will allow the vehicle to operate smoothly and safely.

Learn more about your Club Car speed controller and how to adjust it properly in this  controller guide.

Published April 20, 2021 by Golf Cart Garage