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Popular Aftermarket Parts & Accessories for a Golf Cart

Popular Aftermarket Parts & Accessories for a Golf Cart

A golf cart is not just about playing golf. It is also used by those who want to spend some time outside or relax with friends and family. Basically, a golf cart is for enjoying the outdoors, relaxing, and having a good time. When you worry that your cart might fall apart or get damaged from wear-and-tear, it can take away from all of this fun. 

To save yourself from that worry, all you need is to get some aftermarket parts. It won't matter if it is sunny or cloudy outside because these aftermarket parts for a golf cart can make any day into an exciting one.

If you're looking for golf cart accessories, look no further than our complete list of popular aftermarket parts for a golf cart. The key is getting what you need from your equipment so that everything runs smoothly.

Golf Cart Heater

The heater is an excellent addition to your golf cart because it provides you with high-quality protection from the cold. The golf cart heater will keep you warm on those cold winter days when it is too chilly to bear the weather without one.

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

A custom steering wheel is one of the best aftermarket upgrade choices for any golf cart owner. The durable material and sleek design make handling your vehicle feel like a new experience. With this upgrade, you won't have an issue looking good while driving around town. A new customized steering wheel makes riding more enjoyable because no sharp edges are poking into your hands from plastic found on factory wheels.

Attached Golf Cart Cooler

One aftermarket golf cart accessory that you can add is the cooler. Who doesn't want to enjoy a cold beverage while riding? It is the perfect way for riders to keep their drinks ice cold, even if they take off running through water hazards or rough terrain!

Golf Cart Seat Covers

It is no surprise that golf cart seats need more attention than any other part on the cart. Riders tend to sit down and stand up often, which can cause wear-and-tear when you account for all the movement in between short rides. Plus, these vehicles are typically exposed not just during play but also off-hours where they are often left outside.

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf cart owners sometimes find that their vehicles do not match the terrain they are driving on, with big wheels and low tire capacity. That is why owners commonly add lift kits to their golf carts that allow the cart to access rougher off-road surfaces.

Golf Cart Windshield

Golf cart windshields are among the most popular aftermarket parts you can buy for your golf cart. The golf cart windshield can protect the driver from inclement weather, and make their ride more comfortable and enjoyable. A new golf cart windshield helps keep the wind, bugs, and other elements away while riding. They are also important for peak performance since they help your visibility by reducing wind noise and debris.

Golf Cart Fender Flares

Golf cart fender flares are an incredible way to keep the mud off of your passengers on those damp days. They also make for a tougher looking cart! Fender flares have been one of the most popular aftermarket parts for a golf cart. Fenders also have several advantages; they're relatively inexpensive, simple to install (you'll need hardware), with little risk involved because there's no spinning crankshaft at work here, and lastly, they look great too. 

This handy part helps stop water from entering by preventing splashback when driving through deep puddles or heavy rainstorms, a feature that is of high value to most golf cart owners and passengers alike.

Golf Cart Side Mirrors

The golf cart side mirrors are an excellent aftermarket accessory that will increase your safety while on the golf cart. Many of these mirrors can be installed easily and quickly, so you don't have to spend much time figuring them out or worrying about installation mistakes. The mirrors you can find for your golf cart are as diverse and exciting as the carts themselves! You'll be surprised by how many shapes there are, from round to square or rectangle. You can also find mirrors with built-in LED turn signal indicators.

Golf Cart Storage Accessories

Golf cart riders like to bring things that will help their adventure, such as hunting accessories, tents, etc. Without a place to keep them, it can be a bit tough to carry them. Golf carts are designed to be lightweight vehicles with limited storage. You have a range of options when it comes to finding the perfect storage accessories. For some, an entire compartment in the back is ideal, while others prefer something smaller, like storage baskets attached to the cart so they can carry everything easily!

Golf Cart Rear Seats

Rear seats are popular in golf carts, and since most people like to go out with buddies, installing an extra row of seats in the back is a great way to accommodate more guests. Not only does it provide additional space, but it gives you a peace-of-mind when going out in a group. Most rear seats can also fold out to a cargo bed, which makes this accessory perfect for multi-purpose use.

Golf Cart Light Kit

From the moment you hit bumps in your golf cart to when it becomes pitch black outside, there are a few things every driver needs. First and foremost: lights! The right kind can make driving easy. Being able to see at night is essential for safe driving, being seen by other vehicles on these roads takes priority over everything else.

Golf Cart Enclosure

Golf cart covers and enclosures are popular because they can be installed quickly without tools. One of many reasons these items have gained popularity among users is how easy they cover up your ride when not in use. When purchasing this aftermarket golf cart part, you want to buy one that has heavy-duty protective windows and doors made out of strong waterproof material like vinyl. This will ensure its durability, so you don't need to replace the cover every few seasons.

Ready to Accessorize Your Golf Cart?

Choosing to get some aftermarket parts for a golf cart can make a huge difference. With so many options, you will be able to customize the look and feel to suit your individual needs.

If you're interested in seeing how aftermarket parts can help with your golf cart ride, be sure to visit our website and get in touch with our customer care team. 

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