EZGO Marathon Windshield - 2-Piece Fold Down Golf Cart Windshield

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Designed for EZGO Marathon golf carts (1986-1994) 2-Piece fold down windshield is easy to use & install Super strong shatter and crack resistant material

This EZGO windshield is designed to fit tightly on EZ-GO Marathon golf carts (1986-1994). Are you tired of getting rain in your face when you're driving around with family and friends? Well, in one second you can fold up your windshield to stay dry. A cool breeze on a hot sunny day sound good? Fold down that new windshield and there you go. Know someone close to you that is prone to breaking your things, have no fear, your 2-piece fold down windshield is made out of super thick crack resistant material, so you shouldn't have any of those issues.

***Make sure to choose the correct windshield type (clear vs. tinted).

 Recommended For:     All EZGO Marathon golf carts ----- Need to Verify Your EZ-GO? 
 E-Z-GO Mfg. Year:     1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994  
Condition:     New
Wind Shield Type:     Clear acrylic or tinted acrylic
Warranty:    1 year manufacturer warranty
Weight:    15 pounds
Dimensions:    Width 41-5/8", Top Height 15-1/2", Bottom Height 17-1/4", Thickness 3/16"
Box Dimensions:    Width 19", Length 41", Height 5"
Nitty Gritty:    Includes very high quality shatter/crack resistant 1/4" thick acrylic material     
Product Includes:    Two-piece fold down windshield with mounting hardware


If you're unsure of the model or year of your EZ-GO golf cart, check out What Model & Year Is My EZGO?

EZGO Marathon Windshield - 2-Piece Fold Down Golf Cart Windshield
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