Golf Cart Battery Water Fill Bottle

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*Hands free battery water filler *Great to control exactly how much water goes in your batteries.

This golf cart battery water fill bottle is made for use on all lead acid/wet flooded golf cart batteries (6v, 8v & 12v). It holds up to 2 quarts of water and has a nozzle that is specifically designed to prevent spillage and overflow. The water flows out of the bottle only when you push down on the spout. No more mess.

The design makes the filler jug very easy to use. All you have to do is remove the battery cap, fill each cell with distilled water and then replace the cap, that’s it. Read more here on how to maintain your golf cart batteries – Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Guide.

Condition:     New
 Recommended For:     All wet/flooded golf cart batteries - 6, 8 & 12 volt golf cart batteries 
Color:    Blue & black
Weight:    .35 pounds
Product Includes:    Golf cart battery water filler jug