RHOX 23x10.5-12" Golf Cart Tire/Wheel Combo (23" Tall Pre-Mounted)

TIR-351 + TIR-RX251
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*12" all terrain tire & wheel combo for ALL 6" LIFTED GOLF CARTS *Pre-mounted wheel, so just take it out of the box and replace out your old wheel/tire in 5 minutes *BUY 4 TIRE/WHEEL COMBOS, GET $10 OFF ORDER + FREE SHIPPING

This 12" Golf Cart Tire & Wheel Combo (pre-mounted tire) is for off-road use on ALL 6" LIFTED GOLF CARTS (CLUB CAR, EZ-GO (5" lift), YAMAHA, ETC.).   



Recommended for:     6" LIFTED GOLF CARTS (CLUB CAR, EZ-GO, YAMAHA, ETC.) 
Condition:    New
Tire:    23" - 23X10.5X12 RHOX RXAT
Wheel:    12x7 inch wheel (black, silver, Vegas black or machined black with silver)
Material:    Heavy-duty rubber tire & steel rim
Weight:    20 pounds
Warranty:    1 year
Lift Kit:    Yes. At least 5" lift kit required. 6" lift kit recommended.
DOT Approved:    No
Ply Rating:    4 ply
Product Includes:    One preassembled wheel & tire (*lug nuts not included, center caps not included in black)   


If you have any questions related to tires, wheels or lift kits, see our Tire, Wheel & Lift Kit For Golf Carts FAQ If you'd like to purchase a tire without the wheel preassembled, check out our 12 Inch All Terrain Golf Cart Tire. Need different tires, try All Golf Cart Tires. If you're looking for a lift kit as well, see our EZGO Lift Kits, ClubCar Lift Kits and Yamaha Lift Kits.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-401-2934 or send us an email at Support@GolfCartGarage.com.