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Trojan T-1275 Batteries - 12 Volt (6 Pack, 72V)

Trojan T-1275 Batteries - 12 Volt (6 Pack, 72V)

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  • 100% Service Guarantee
  • 45-Day Returns Policy
  • Always a Human to Call

Warranty Information

  • Turbo-charges your golf cart with maximum power
  • Provides longer battery life for less time not driving
  • From Trojan's Signature Line, the gold standard for deep-cycle batteries
  • 18-month manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA


    • 100% Service Guarantee
    • 45-Day Returns Policy
    • Always a Human to Call

    Trojan T-1275 Battery Pack: Set of Six 12 Volt Trojan Batteries (72V Vehicles)

    Most Powerful Batteries On The Market. Go Farther On A Single Charge.

    • Maximum drive time
    • Longer battery life – up to 1200 cycles
    • Greater power
    • Lower maintenance costs


    Ideal for Any 72 Volt Vehicle. Top Of The Line Batteries.

    Your 6-pack delivers all the battery power you'll need for your 72-volt golf cart or utility vehicle. Take it for a worry-free spin and see for yourself.

    Delivery Notes:

    • Please note that Batteries take 2-3 weeks to deliver and are shipped via freight.
    • Please be sure to inspect the item before signing the delivery receipt provided by the freight company. Note any potential damage from delivery to avoid claim denial. 
    • Provide a phone number. The carrier will contact you via phone to set up an appointment for delivery.

    Recommended For: 72 VOLT GOLF CARTS/MACHINES WITH 12V BATTERIES - Confirm Your Golf Cart Voltage?
    Model: Trojan Battery / T1275
    Condition: New
    Battery Type: Deep-cycle lead-acid wet-cell batteries
    Battery Group Size: DC
    Volts: 12 volts
    Cells: 6 cells (watering holes)
    Capacity: 280 minutes @25 amps; 70 minutes @75 amps
    5-Hour Rate (Ah): 120Ah
    20-Hour Rate (Ah): 150Ah
    100-Hr Rate (Ah): 166Ah
    Weight: 82 pounds per battery
    Warranty: 18-month manufacturer's warranty - Trojan Battery Limited Warranty
    Dimensions: L 12.96" x W 7.13" x H 10.71"
    Manufactured: Made in the USA
    Replaces: Any 12V deep cycle flooded batteries
    T-1275 Info: Trojan Battery T-1275 Datasheet
    Safety Info: Trojan Battery Safety Info Sheet
    Additional Info: Trojan Battery Golf Batteries Info Sheet / Trojan Battery User Guide
    Product Includes: Four 12V Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries
    Product Categories:

    Golf Cart Batteries, 12V Golf Cart Batteries, Trojan Batteries

    If you have questions about golf cart chargers or batteries, check out our Battery & Charger Guide.

    Please note that this set of batteries is only available for shipping in the continental US and at locations that can accept LTL shipments (no UPS or FedEx deliveries). If you have questions about anything else, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-401-2934 or send us an email at

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    Trojan T-1275 Batteries - 12 Volt (6 Pack, 72V)
    $2,169.99 $2,712.99