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10 Best Golf Cart Accessories of 2022

10 Best Golf Cart Accessories of 2022

Having the right golf cart accessories can make riding hassle-free. There are different ways to accessorize your golf cart, but how can you decide which ones are best for you?

List of the Most Popular Golf Cart Accessories of 2022

Keep reading to know which accessories can help you best customize the experience on your cart.

1. Adjustable Side View Mirrors 

Side mirrors give an excellent level of safety for your golf cart, mostly if you prefer to take your cart out on the road or around the neighborhood. These adjustable side view mirrors are easy to fold in when not in use. Different mirrors on the market come in square, rectangle, circle, and oval shapes.

2. Armrests with Cup Holders

Give your friends and family a place to put their refreshments while riding. Adding this helps to ensure you can drive safely by focusing both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. These easy to install armrests are available in multiple color options with integrated cup holders.

3. Steering Wheel Covers

Temperatures can get hot during the summer, and having a steering wheel cover can act as a cooling aide. These durable covers boost driving performance by enhancing your grip. Made from high quality material, the steering covers are available in different colors and materials.

4. Rocker Panels

Keep your golf cart cabin clean by installing rocker panels. The debris can easily stain the cabin's surfaces, but a rocker panel is a great solution to this problem. It has etches that wipe away grass, dirt, and mud that sticks to shoes.

5. Fender Flares

Fender flares protect drivers and passengers from debris like mud, rocks, and rainwater by keeping them out of golf carts. Fender flares are very popular with lifted carts and large tires where mechanical movements may cause dirt to fly up onto the cart. Fender flares are a highly recommended accessory for a golf cart that’s driven off-road.

6. Charge Meter

Installing a charge meter can be very helpful in determining whether you need to put your golf cart into charging or not, or whether it has enough juice to get you where you need to go.

7. Windshield

Usually, golf carts come from the factory without a windshield. Because of this, drivers get hit with everything from dust and bugs to rain and snow. These easy to install windshields can help you drive to different areas throughout the year and make your golf cart ride more comfortable.

8. Golf Cart Seat Covers

Comfortable seat covers protect golf cart seats and renew the look. There are different seat cover options on the market with various patterns, colors, material, and more to choose from. Extend the life of your seats with these easy to install seat covers. Getting seat covers that can fit the seats is also important as oversized covers can blow away in windy conditions while covers that are too small might not fit at all.

9. Golf Cart Wheels

Just like a car, truck, or any other vehicle, a golf cart also needs new wheels. You should change them regularly and update them if required. Golf cart wheels come in many different styles and types, including chrome, aluminum, and more. The golf wheel size is an essential factor as a bigger wheel size is required to lift the golf cart with any standard lift kit.

10. Golf Cart Storage Options 

Generally, golf carts don’t have a lot of storage. But with the help of some accessories like roof racks, custom dash assemblies, or cargo boxes can add more space to the cart.

When it comes to golf cart accessories, it’s important to keep functionality and effectiveness in mind. Safety checks and good storage space are very important while ensuring it remains accessible for drivers and passengers.

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Published January 9, 2022 by Golf Cart Garage

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