Why is My Golf Cart Not Working? 5 Most Common Problems

Electric golf carts are convenient, durable, and efficient, but that doesn't make them invincible. Therefore, it is essential to understand that issues can arise in an electric golf cart. Do not panic if your golf cart doesn't start— chances are, it's going to be one of the following five most common reasons.

1. Batteries

Like any other electric vehicle, the batteries are mainly at the root of why your cart won't start. After all, they are the primary source of power for your electric golf cart. If your cart is not working, this is the first place to check. Generally, lead acid-based batteries are used for electric golf carts, and you must recharge them regularly so that they function correctly.

Make sure to charge and, if needed, clean your batteries properly. Apart from this, golf cart batteries need water added regularly. If needed, add water or electrolytes to your cart's batteries. Remember, the batteries contain acid, so be careful to wear proper safety gear, including gloves and eyewear.

Batteries also lose their efficiency over time. This applies if you bought a used cart or have had yours for many years. The best thing is to complete regular maintenance and fully charge your batteries after every use.

2. Ignition or Motor Issues

If you have already charged and cleaned your batteries and still face problems with your golf cart, your next step is to check your car's ignition or motor. The continued use of golf carts will lead to the following issues:

  • Extensive usage may damage the ignition switch and lead to improper use.
  • There might be issues with the wiring of the ignition switch. Due to wear and tear, wires may become loose and require replacement.
  • There could be wear and tear of the machinery behind the ignition.

Remember to inspect potential issues in the ignition switch of the golf cart regularly. If there's a minor issue in the motor, you may be able to fix it yourself. One common sign is a whining noise. You can learn more about common golf cart noises using our resource. For any big problems, it's better to take your cart to the repair garage.

3. Solenoid

In case you are not familiar with a solenoid, a solenoid is the main electrical switch in your golf cart, which is designed to allow the current from the batteries to flow into the motor. A bad or damaged solenoid could be the reason why your golf cart is not working correctly. Solenoid often stops working because of the following reasons.

  • Corrosion
  • Loose wires
  • Broken coil

bad or damaged solenoid can cause many other cart problems. Make sure to inspect it properly. If you find a damaged solenoid, the best thing is to take your cart to a garage. A mechanic can solve the issue and replace the solenoid if required.

4. Speed Controller

If your golf cart starts without any problem but can't manage to speed up or maintain acceleration, then it's time to check your speed controller. This little box is responsible for controlling the golf cart's speed and transforms the information from the ignition switch to the batteries and motor. That's why the controller is often referred to as the brain of the cart. The two primary reasons for damage are cracks and loose connections.

Remember that the controller is one of the most complex problems to diagnose, and it is one of the most expensive parts of an electric golf cart. If you face issues with the speed controller, do not try to fix it yourself unless you can easily find and tighten the connection. It's best to take it to a specialist to diagnose the problem correctly.

5. Direction Switch

The direction switch or forward/reverse switch controls whether the golf cart moves forward or backward. This switch is one of the most used parts in a golf cart, which means it will be subject to wear and tear. You'll find what the issue is if the switch is acting up. There is a big chance that it will need to be replaced. Again, it's best to choose a mechanic for repair.

Final World

There are many different reasons why an electric golf cart won't start. Depending on the issue, the right parts, and a bit of work, you can fix it quickly on your own in no time. However, the best way is to reduce any chances of problems by performing regular golf cart maintenance.

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