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How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries - Battery Charging Tips

How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries - Battery Charging Tips

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Whether you have a Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-GO, or any other golf cart model, battery maintenance is essential to get the best possible performance and longest life. Golf cart batteries can last long with proper care and regular maintenance. Read out the following explores essential golf cart battery charging tips.

Golf Cart Battery Charging Tips - Things to Consider

Charge Your Batteries After Every Use

Make sure to charge your batteries after every use. The best way is to charge overnight after you are done using the golf cart for the day. Even if you have only used the cart for 10 minutes, you still need to charge your golf cart batteries.

Water Your Batteries Regularly 

Depending on the type of golf cart battery you have, check them once or twice a month after installation to inspect the proper watering schedule. Usually, brand new batteries need very little water in the initial period, but with regular use, they will need water nearly every month. During summer, check your batteries every week as the hot weather may evaporate water faster. 

Watering is an important factor for the batteries. Add water when the batteries are completely charged. It's important to add water at the right time and in the right amount for optimal performance.

Cleaning Batteries 

Cleaning and regular maintenance of the golf cart batteries are important. Your batteries may collect some dirt, dust, and grime, which needs to be removed. You can use a brush, a solution of baking soda, and pure water to clean the batteries.

Buy a Quality Charger 

One of the most important things that affect battery life is your purchasing power. Do not buy a charger simply based on lowest cost. Consider the quality of the golf cart charger before buying. You also need to understand your 

Things to Avoid When Charging Golf Cart Batteries

Overcharging Batteries

Make sure not to overcharge your golf cart batteries because overcharging may damage them. Overcharging results in corrosion of the positive plates, water consumption, and damaging temperatures in the lead-acid battery. To save your battery from overcharging, you can use an automatic golf cart charger that will shut off once the batteries are fully charged.

Use of Improper Charger

Some people prefer to use any charger that fits with a golf cart battery. However, improperly changing the batteries can surely affect the batteries. The wrong charger can break down the internal battery cells, so make sure to use the charger designed for the voltage of your golf cart batteries.

Freezing Locations

Avoid locations where direct freezing temperatures are expected. Freezing temperatures can result in irreparable damage in your batteries.

Direct Heat

Avoid direct heat exposures such as radiators to save your batteries from damage.

Leaving the Accessories On

Leaving the accessories 'ON' for a long time can affect the battery life (i.e., leaving the radio or lights on in an idle golf cart). Always remember to shut off all the accessories before leaving the golf cart.

Driving Until it Dies

Do not believe that golf cart batteries should be charged only when running low. If you drive your golf cart today, charge the batteries. Leaving golf cart batteries until they get too low will damage them, just like overcharging.

Riding on Steep Hills

Many golf carts are made for long distance and rough roads, but every golf cart has its limits. Driving your golf cart forcefully on the steep hill could leave you stuck and damage your batteries.

Inactive Golf Cart

Leaving the golf cart inactive for an extended period reduces battery life. Using the batteries in a partial state of charge or storing the discharged batteries may damage them badly.

Things to Remember

  • Use Distilled Water: Make sure to use only distilled water for watering batteries. Do not use water with a high mineral content.
  • Keep an Eye on Water Filling Level: Watering is essential, but the filling level is equally important. Do not fill the water to the cap. Overfilling may cause the battery to overflow acid and lose capacity.
  • Keep the Plates Safe: Save the plates from open air. Open air could damage the plates.

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Golf cart batteries generally last for 4 to 5 years. After 4 to 5 years, if you find your batteries not working correctly, it may be time to replace them with new batteries.

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