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7 Modifications That Will Void Your Golf Cart Warranty

7 Modifications That Will Void Your Golf Cart Warranty

Golf cart warranties have been around for the past few years but have recently gained popularity in the golf cart industry. And why not? Golf cart warranties are a great thing to have as a vehicle owner. These warranties are very similar to your car warranty. 

Given the recent popularity, knowing what items can void your golf cart warranty is more important than ever. All golf cart warranties are a contract between you and the provider. Like any contract, each warranty is different in what you can and can't do with them, and that's the reason why it's so important you understand yours and find a contract that will fit your needs.

How Do Golf Cart Warranties Work?

Golf cart warranties work by getting your policy set up when you purchase your cart from a golf cart dealer. Later on, if you struggle with any issues with your cart, all you need to do is file a claim. This claim is reviewed by the warranty provider and then approved or denied based on what is covered or the reason for the damage. 

If your claim is approved, the dealer picks up the cart, performs the repairs, then the warranty company pays the dealership for the cost of the golf cart parts and labour, and delivers the cart back to you.

There are a few things that could void your golf cart warranty. And nobody would want to void their golf cart warranty. These warranties generally don't cover accidents or damage caused by misuse or any aftermarket accessories that might be installed after purchase.

What Causes A Golf Cart Warranty Claim To Be Denied?

Like any other contract, the warranty agreement can be voided if you fail to uphold your end of the bargain. Now let's discuss some common modification errors people make that can make void their golf cart warranty.

Implementing Modifications

Just like modifications to your car can invalidate your insurance/warranty, they can easily void your golf cart's warranty too. Although it depends on your particular warranty contract as to what you can and can't do, in most cases, some very common modifications will end up voiding your warranty.

Here are seven modifications that will void your golf cart warranty:

1. Modifying the Speed Governor

Golf cart speed is usually controlled by a governor device, and one can find the speed governor easily in a golf cart. Remember, your golf cart is designed to be capable of a specific maximum speed. So, modifying the governor so it works differently than it is supposed to function may void your golf cart warranty.

2. Modifying the Braking System

Golf carts mostly have brakes on the rear wheels and not on all four. There are different brakes for golf carts like disc brakes, regenerative brakes, and drum brakes. Modifying the braking system may lead to voiding your golf cart warranty.

3. Use of Unauthorized Parts

Fake parts are easily available in the market at lower prices. These fake parts are very low quality. Using these fake parts in your golf cart is not genuine, the warranty will be voided immediately. You can always identify fake parts by checking the manufacturer's hologram on them.

4. Modifying or Changing the Drive Unit

Speed is something we all expect from our vehicle. Usually, people try their hand at modifying the drive unit to get faster speed. But, updating or changing the golf cart drive unit in any way other than the specified use can void your golf cart warranty.

5. Steering Modification

Steering plays an essential part in golf cart performance. An ongoing trend is installing dramatic suspension modifications. You should know that such changes compromise a vehicle platform, which may result in drivetrain problems. This modification may void your golf cart warranty.

6. Applying Electrical Changes

Any changes to the golf cart's electrical wires, equipment, or connectors can cause an end of warranty. If you modify your cart with any part that needs changes to the electrical system of the cart, it could void your cart's warranty.

7. Modifying the Structure of the Cart

Structurally modifying the golf cart can void the warranty straight away. Changing the cart's body to stretch it or cutting away the body parts to update the look of the cart may end up voiding the warranty.

Many other actions could end up voiding your golf cart warranty, for example, missing the necessary golf cart maintenance at the specified time. Sometimes voiding of warranty happens if customers decide to make repairs or modifications without prior approval from the warranty company. 

Before making any changes or using any products other than specified in the warranty contract, we advise checking with your golf cart dealer. Your warranty should cover your golf cart's unexpected repair costs incurred by the failure of factory-fitted components. But you also need to know about your obligations under the warranty agreement.

What Can You Do?

The very first step is to read and understand your warranty contract. Take some time to read the document to understand what is covered and what isn't covered. If you fully understand the warranty document, you're on your way to keeping your warranty intact for its lifetime. If it seems the warranty is affected, know that you still have a chance. 

While there are some very strict dealers, some are willing to listen. There's a chain of command that you can appeal to. If any of your efforts don't work, you have one more option, extended golf cart warranties. Though mostly purchased when the manufacturer warranty expires, you can also buy one if your manufacturer warranty is voided.

Do you have any questions regarding golf cart warranty or golf cart parts? Looking to purchase golf cart parts? Get in touch with Golf Cart Garage customer service right away!

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