Commonly Replaced Golf Cart Parts

Like any vehicle, big or small, your Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha golf cart has parts that will need to be replaced. Whether you are a current golf cart owner, or a prospective golf cart owner (looking to purchase a golf cart), you will want to know what golf cart accessories you will more commonly need to or want to replace. But what are the most commonly replaced golf cart parts and accessories? Here, we have compiled a very helpful list of the most commonly replaced parts for your golf cart. 

Golf Cart Battery Charger

By far, the most commonly replaced part for your golf cart, is the Golf Cart Battery Charger. Replacing your golf cart battery charger after a certain amount of time is always a good plan, but especially if you are in the market for a new golf cart or 'new to you' golf cart (AKA used golf cart). 

Generally, golf cart dealerships will give you an older, sometimes used golf cart charger with the cart you are purchasing and it is likely not going to be any good OR it will be on it's last leg. Because the golf cart battery charger is the main source of power to your electric golf cart, replacing your charger with a brand new golf cart battery charger is always the way to go, whether the golf cart is new or new to you. 

Golf Cart Windshields

Golf Cart Windshields are a very commonly replaced golf cart part / golf cart accessory. Golf carts with windshields, especially ones that are used off-road or in/on a more rocky or hilly terrain, can develop cracks for a multitude of reasons

  • Stones/Pebbles
  • Heavy Tree Branches
  • Impact Cracks (i.e. Going over large rocks and such)

And it is never good practice to drive a golf cart with a cracked windshield. If your windshield develops a crack or is missing pieces, it should be replaced. 

Not all golf carts come with windshield either so, this is also a very popular accessory to add-on if your cart does not currently have a windshield. 

Golf Cart Battery Cables

Club Car Precedent Battery Cables Set (2008-Up)

Because Golf Cart Battery Cables provide the vital link between the battery, load and charging system, a really commonly replaced part for your golf cart are the cables. Golf cart battery cables, just like their counter-part, the golf cart battery, can become dirty and corroded. Enough corrosion that accumulates on the battery cables can essentially kill the cables themselves and present the need to replace them. 

In addition, golf cart battery cables are a good part to replace every so often, just because. Again, because they are such a vital link to your charging system, it is good practice to swap them out and make sure they are in tip-top shape. They are a relatively inexpensive part also so, replacing them will be easy on your wallet. 

Golf Cart LED Lights

EZ-GO RXV LED Front Head Lights

These days, most brand new golf carts come with lights. However, they do not always come with LED lights. This is a SUPER popular and one of the most commonly replaced/added accessories for your Club Car golf cart, EZGO golf cart or Yamaha golf cart. In addition, almost all older golf carts do not even have lights, let along LED golf cart lights. 

There are many options for LED lights:

  • Golf Cart Light Kits (Full kits that include headlights, taillights, wiring harnesses, etc)
  • Golf Cart Flood Lights
  • Golf Cart Spotlights
  • Golf Cart LED Light Bars

Whatever the case may be, there is an LED light option for everyone!

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Most everyone's favorite, the Golf Cart Lift Kit. Not always just for replacing, but for adding as well. Many folks want larger golf cart tires and with larger golf cart tires comes the need for more space for the golf cart tires. That is where the golf cart lift kit comes in. There are many options for golf cart lift kits:

  • Golf Cart Drop Spindle Lift Kits
  • Golf Cart A-Arm Lift Kits
  • Golf Cart Drop Axle Lift Kits

Easy for anybody to install, golf cart lift kits give you that more rugged, tough, lifted look. Very popular for people who use their carts outdoors in more rough and tough terrain. 

Golf Cart Brakes

For obvious reasons, golf cart brakes are one of the most commonly replaced golf cart parts. Safety is so important when operating a golf cart, just like any other type of moving vehicle (like your automobile) golf cart brakes are essential to care for and change regularly. To avoid injury, a properly functioning brake system is required for the safety of the driver and the passengers. 

If you have noticed the brake pedal nearly touching the floor when you come to a stop, or you start to hear funny noises (squeaking, grinding, etc), it's time to replace your golf cart brakes. 

It's also quite simple for regular folks to change the brakes on a golf cart in a jiffy! If you have a few simple tools, you can adjust the brakes in a short amount of time and save a significant amount of money. 

Golf Cart Steering Wheels / Golf Cart Steering Components

Club Car DS Golf Cart Steering Wheel - Red

Golf cart steering wheels and steering components are a very commonly replaced part for your golf cart. Often times, golf cart steering wheels and their components will need to be swapped out.

The Golf Cart Steering Wheels themselves generally do not "go bad" necessarily, however, most folks like to replace them with the newer style designs and colors. Especially if you plan on "outfitting" your golf cart with new or different colored seats, a new paint job, etc. Most people will change the steering wheel itself to match the rest of the design of the cart. 

Golf cart steering components on the other hand, can and will go bad eventually. To name just a few:

These parts and others are all integral in the drive performance of your golf cart. Neglecting to replace any or all of these parts when they need to be replaced, you might end up turning left and going right! 

Golf Cart Covers

Winter, summer, spring and fall: Golf Cart Covers are made for year-round use and have made it on our list of most commonly replaced golf cart accessories for lots of reasons

For starters, golf cart covers protect you from a multitude of elements:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Dust
  • Wind
  • Excessive Sunlight

A golf cart cover allows you the freedom of using your golf cart during any and all weather conditions, as opposed to an open, uncovered golf cart that can really only be used when the weather is nice. A golf cart cover is a no-brainer for almost every golf cart owner.

Golf Cart Batteries

Although last on our list, it is in fact one of the most commonly replaced golf cart parts. Whether it be 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries or 12 Volt Golf Cart Batteries, you will likely find yourself replacing these batteries every 5-7 years. 

With many brands out there to choose from, we highly recommend Trojan batteries. They have withstood the test of time and are an all around excellent brand. 

Most people are not sure when it is time to replace your batteries. A few quick tips to know when to replace your batteries is:

  • It takes twice as long to charge your batteries as it did when you first had them installed
  • Your electric golf cart loses power very quickly
  • Your golf cart does not accelerate as fast as it used to
  • The batteries are leaking acid and are beginning to bulge

Most used golf carts for sale or new golf carts for sale will come with a set of batteries. However, especially in used golf carts, the batteries will likely need to be replaced upon purchase. 

We hope this article was enjoyable and insightful for you. We have a whole collection of articles and really helpful resources for you. Check out all of our Resources today!

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