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Golf Cart Brands - A Complete List of Manufacturers

Golf Cart Brands - A Complete List of Manufacturers

With so many options out there, you will definitely need a guide to choose the perfect cart for you. Well, look no further. This blog will give you information about some of the different golf cart brands. When deciding on the best option, it is recommended that you consider all the available brands and choose what fits best with your requirements.

New Or Used - Which Golf Cart To Choose?

Like any other big purchase, you shouldn't rush into buying a golf cart. It's essential to research, ask the right questions, and set your budget. There are pros and cons of buying a brand new or used golf cart, gas vs electric, etc. Purchasing a new golf cart may cost you a lot, but just like buying a brand new car, you know exactly what you are getting and that everything is functioning perfectly. 

Learn more about important points to keep in mind while considering how to buy the right golf cart

Best Golf Cart Brands

If you have decided to buy a golf cart, new or used, you need to decide which brand to choose. The golf cart industry has a few notable names, and each one makes premium products. Ensure the model lets you select the type of accessories and other features that are unique to the golf cart brand.

Club Car

Founded in 1958, Club Car is one of the famous names in the golf cart industry. It's an American company that manufactures electric and gas-powered golf carts and UTVs for personal and commercial use. Because they're known for producing industry-leading innovation and consistently well-built golf carts, the Club Car carts can be used for personal and commercial purposes. The brand is versatile in terms of styling and design.

The company is known as an industry leader involved in many innovations, including manufacturing one of the first street-legal golf carts. The Club Car carts are known to work best in different terrains, including hilly roads.

For a detailed guide on Club Car, visit our breakdown of the different Club Car Golf Cart Models


The brand is famous for producing quality golf carts because E-Z-Go has always put safety first. Started in 1954, the E-Z-Go is a premier brand in the golf cart industry that has a reputation for reliability and durability. The company stepped up as a leading global manufacturer of golf carts, personal vehicles, and utility vehicles.

E-Z-Go differentiates itself in the golf cart industry through technologies that move the industry forward. The company has an agreement with ClubCorp, the world's largest private golf club resort operator, and with American Golf, the world's largest operator of golfing facilities. 

The E-Z-Go golf carts are not limited to the course of play; the company has been stepping up their carts to utility carts that can be used for industrial, commercial, and off-road purposes. The E-Z-Go carts offer a smooth ride and plenty of options and upgrades to turn a basic cart into a fancy cart. E-Z-Go provides both electric and gas-powered models.

E-Z-Go's range of vehicles includes powerful 4 to 6 seater golf carts, commercial utility trucks, and vehicles with generous storage. Whether you're a golf player or someone with more significant needs, EZ-Go has a wide range of well-designed and highly customizable models to meet your needs. The replacement parts and upgrades of E-Z-Go carts are generally pretty inexpensive and readily available.

Check out our detailed guide of E-Z-Go Golf Cart Models


Among all the golf cart brands, Yamaha is a famous name around the world. You probably have heard about it among musical instruments or motorcycles. Yamaha is a popular name in the off-road market, so it makes sense that it's famous in the golf cart world. Yamaha offers high-quality golf carts to large organizations, including PGA. 

The company features both gas as well as battery-powered golf carts. The success of this brand is found in its engines. In fact, Yamaha offers four different types of engines to serve your needs, such as:

1. Gas-powered electronic fuel injection 2. Gas-powered carburetor 3. AC-motor power 4. DC-motor power

Yamaha models are known to be incredibly durable and highly customizable. You can easily find the replacement parts and other accessories for the Yamaha carts.

Visit our guide to Yamaha Golf Cart Models for more info.

Star EV

Star EV is a younger brand compared to other golf cart brands, but its product is a significant player in the industry. Started in 2003, the company shifted its focus to the golf carts and electrical segment. Its product line has reached up to more than 50 models used in industries like military, commercial, government, and universities. 

Star EV's golf product range includes residential golf carts, campground vehicles, and utility vehicles. The residential cart is specifically designed and is powered by AC motors to stand the test of time.

American Custom Golf Carts (ACG)

American Custom Golf Carts, also known as ACG, is one of the regular golf cart brands. The brand has a good impression in the golf cart industry with its classic and customizable carts. The ACG has been designing cars for the Batman series as well as The Rock.

The brand is famous for mix-matching classic and modern golf cart designs. They offer custom features in most of their models where you can add more power, an LED signaling system, and other things you'd like. So, if you are interested in modern customized golf cart designs with the consent of vintage models, ACG is the brand for you.

Polaris GEM

Polaris GEM is another renowned brand that designs and produces golf carts, ensuring safety and comfort. Polaris was founded in 1954 as a mechanical shop. Later on, the company upgraded to become a leader in the power-sports industry with its innovative technology and high-end designs for on and off-road vehicles. 

GEM is Polaris's top brand for low-speed vehicles specializing in manufacturing quality ATVs, UTVs, and other utility vehicles. They offer eco-friendly carts with stylish designs.

Safety is also a top concern for Polaris GEM. The models are equipped with three street-legal safety features that are not included in standard golf carts, like headlights, turn signals, and safety belts.


Garia is one of the recent brands in the golf cart industry. The brand is made of luxury and innovation. There's no question that Garia is in the race of top brands. Garia's Masonry line is produced in the same factory as Bentley and Porsche. The brand is the very first company to use lithium-ion technology.


The two brands, ParCar and Tomberlin, merged and are now marketed under the Tomberlin name. The famous Eagle Series and Legacy Touring Series, once available under the ParCar name, have now become the Tomberlin Eagle and Tomberlin Legacy Touring. They offer a distinctive styling cart that works best as a personal vehicle.

Additional Builds & Accessories for Golf Carts

With both types of carts, gas or electric, the price can vary based on many factors. The customization can add to the cost and includes features like a custom steering wheel, an enclosure, a lift kit, and more. Feel free to get in touch with the Experts at Golf Cart Garage in case of any query or concern regarding golf cart customization. 

Bottom Line

Choosing the best golf cart doesn't need to be a tough job. Decide what you want in a golf cart, the budget, type, and other features. Now that you know about the top golf cart brands in the market, you're ready to compare and choose.

Have any questions about golf cart customization? Want to know about golf cart accessories or parts? Connect with us and let us assist you!!

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