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Top 25 Golf Cart Questions Answered

Top 25 Golf Cart Questions Answered

20th Jan 2021

We get so many questions about golf carts every day, from questions regarding basic information about golf carts to how to take best care of the cart. This article covers some of the most common golf cart questions that we get.

Golf Cart Buying

1. How much is a new golf cart?

Brand new golf cart prices start from around $4,000. If you plan to use the cart more than just on the golf course, expect to spend $5,000 to $10,000. Variation in prices is based on the brand and features of the cart.

2. How to find the year of a golf cart?

Yamaha Golf Cart - How to Identify Yamaha Golf Cart Year

Club Car Golf Cart – Club Car Serial Lookup

EZ-GO Golf Cart – EZGO Serial Lookup

3. Which golf cart is better - gas powered or electric?

It is essential to know the source of the fuel. Several factors can affect you on which kind to purchase. Electric or gas models can both be a good choice. It depends on your preference.

4. What are the dimensions of a golf cart?

Golf carts come in several sizes. Click to learn more about golf cart dimensions.

5. What are the essential things to consider while buying a used golf cart?

Buying a used golf cart can make things a lot easier, but there are few things you must need to consider.

6. How fast can a golf cart go?

Generally, a standard golf cart can travel 12 to 14 miles per hour, but several options are available in the market to increase the cart's speed and power.

7. Why do you need to know the features of the cart?

It's necessary to confirm the cart's features to meet your desired look, durability, accessories, and usage requirements. Make sure to consider your use of the cart before buying.

Golf Cart Battery

8. What kind of batteries are used in golf carts?

Golf carts use different types of batteries, including flooded lead-acid, AGM lead-acid battery, gel batteries, lithium-ion batteries.

9. When should you water your batteries?

Water is lost while charging the battery. Therefore, the best time to water your golf cart batteries is always after charging the battery. However, if the electrolyte level is low, add some water to cover the plates before setting.

10. What is the correct way to water golf cart batteries?

Watering golf cart batteries is an important task that will ensure the long life of the battery. Many times people do not know the right way to water their batteries and end up damaging them. Never allow the water level to go below the top of plates placed at the bottom of the battery. The water level should be 1/4 below the battery vent.

11. What is the average lifespan of a battery pack?

Well maintained battery packs tend to last nearly 4 to 6 years.

12. How to maintain batteries?

  • Clean batteries and their compartment regularly.
  • Charge your batteries often, even when not using the cart.
  • Make sure to charge golf cart batteries with each use and not fully discharge for the most extended life.
  • Make sure to unplug the AC cord before you interrupt a charge midterm.
  • Inspect batteries twice a month for loose or broken cables.

13. Does the golf cart battery discharge when not in use?

Generally, all batteries self-discharge even when not in use, but the discharge rate is based on the battery's type, age, and storage temperature.

14. How to find the voltage of your battery?

It's easy to recognize the voltage of a golf cart battery by counting the number of water holes.

1 hole = 2 volts

3 holes = 6 volts

4 holes = 8 volts

6 holes = 12 volts

Golf Cart Street Legal

15. Can I drive my golf cart on the street?

The short answer to this question is 'yes', but there are some regulations for driving a golf cart on the street. Be sure to check with your local department of motor vehicles for specific information about the rules in your area.

16. What is LSV (Street Legal golf cart)?

LSV stands for Low-Speed Vehicle. LSV golf carts are carts that have been modified to include power and safety features like increased powertrain, brake lights, horn, seat belts, turn signals, windshield wiper, etc. The result is a more powerful, safe, and well-equipped vehicle for insured use on public automobile roadways, where allowed by law.

17. What are the requirements for a street legal golf cart?

Different requirements will make a golf cart street legal. Every state and even small communities have different laws regarding what is considered to be street legal. Your cart has to fulfill several requirements for registrations, insurance, taxes, and even inspection. Generally, street legal golf carts need to have:

  • Windshield
  • Brake Lights
  • Seatbelts
  • Headlights and taillights
  • Turn Signals
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Horn

Golf Cart Maintenance

18. How to winterize and store a golf cart?

Maintaining a golf cart during winters is essential. To know more about golf cart winterization, check out this blog. (*we can add a link of how to winterize golf cart blog here. It’s not published yet*)

19. How to make the golf cart ride smooth?

A few things can help to make your ride smoother:

  • Types of golf cart tires
  • Improving suspension and shock absorbers on the cart
  • Regular maintenance of the cart

20. What is the best way to clean a golf cart?

Wash your golf cart with a professional auto wash liquid with a soft sponge. Waxing your golf cart is also a good idea but be sure to choose a wax that cleans your windshield and body parts of the cart with water.

21. How often do you need to service your cart?

It's a good idea to service your cart once a year. For gas golf carts, it is essential to change the oil and filters. It's recommended that electric golf carts have batteries tested, brakes inspected, and transmission build changed.

Golf Cart Looks & Usage

22. What is a lifted golf cart?

Lifted golf carts have lift kits installed to raise them higher off the ground. The lift kit allows larger tires to be installed on the cart.

23. How to improve the look and feel of a golf cart?

Many accessories and golf cart mods are available in the market can improve the look and feel of your cart.

24. What type of customization options are available for my golf cart?

There's no limit on customization options, from seat cushions to body kits and more. Talk to our experts at Golf Cart Garage and get more information about customizations for your cart!

Golf Cart Usage

25. Where can you use a golf cart?

Golf carts are made to be used on golf grounds (of course), but are not limited to just golfing. You can use your golf cart for:

  • Hunting, camping, fishing, and other similar activities
  • Roam around in the city
  • Farm and garden maintenance
  • Weekend picnic
  • Campground transportation

Read this out to learn about more uses for a golf car.

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Published January 20, 2021