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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 3)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 3)

Welcome to our Extreme Golf Cart Makeover series. We are just as excited as you are to see the makeover of our Yamaha G29/Drive, and here’s our third episode! In the previous episode, we tested height and speed increases with a lift kit and tires.

In this episode, we’ll be tearing down the whole golf car. Later on, we’ll get the G29 ready for a color-matched upgrade from the DoubleTake line of custom kits.

  • Body Tear Down - In this episode, we started with removing everything that might remind us of the former golf course life this Yamaha Drive once lived. We removed everything from the old rooftop, the dirty windshield, the panels, to seat cushions that look a bit old. As a result, we have a torn-down cart that is all set for a complete makeover.
  • Choosing Full Body Kit - After tearing down the body, we needed to give a new look to this cart. And for that, we’ve chosen a complete body kit, lights, seating, and some surprises for upcoming episodes. If you’re considering upgrades from one basic piece to a complete overhaul like we’re doing, then we can make it easy for you to choose your options and colors. Just get in touch with us.

    Moving back to the makeover, we’ll be working on installing the body kit and accessories in the upcoming episodes. Stick with us, and stay tuned. You never know what we’ll do next. We may come up with installing some exciting golf cart accessories. And as always, we’ll also try to share some quick tips that we learn along the way.

And here’s a few tips from this episode.

QuickPro Tips:

  1. OEM bolts sometimes strip or cross-thread, and body panel rivets can break frequently. So be ready for some extra trips to the hardware store if you’re going for a full-blown golf cart makeover just like us.
  2. Consider a body panel removal kit to help preserve fasteners and get into tight spaces.
  3. Make sure to have company because the lift kit or tear down alone can sometimes be challenging.

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Episode 4 - In the next episode, we’ll rebuild this cart by installing the light wiring and putting together the lights and body components for a stunning blue and black theme.

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