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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 5)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 5)

23rd Sep 2021

Welcome back to our Extreme Golf Cart Makeover series. If you are reading our Extreme Golf Cart Makeover blog for the first time, we’re remodeling a Yamaha G29 golf cart from top to bottom. In the previous episode, we worked on fixing light kit wiring and a custom DoubleTake Vortex body kit.

We’re moving to the next renovation phase in this episode by installing the new body panels to the cart. We’re using a G29/Drive Vortex body kit by DoubleTake in a blue on black theme.

Pro Tip - DoubleTake has a huge variety of color options available in complete makeover upgrade kits for top models from Yamaha, EZ-GO, and Club Car. And we must say, all of their color combinations are fantastic!

How We Worked

  • We started by drilling out the spaces for our forward/reverse handle and choke to install the rear body.
  • We replaced the rocker panels for a cleaner look because the originals had been damaged from life on the golf course.
  • Next, we also replaced the bagwell and service cover for the same reason. Later on, we attached the wiring for the light fixtures and dropped the new front cowl on the cart.
  • We used as many of the original fasteners as we could. We did wind up purchasing an assortment of plastic fasteners that you can easily find at online retailers or any auto parts store.
  • We wrapped up by testing the lights and turn signals, which are essential for the golf cart’s functionality and safety.

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Episode 6 - We’ll work on a new top, custom seats, and much more in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned for the rest of our customization, and don’t miss out on the rest.

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