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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 7)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 7)

Welcome back to the Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Series. First of all, thank you so much for showing this much love and interest in our series! We hope every episode is getting more exciting and informative. We’re getting closer to our Holiday finale and our $3000 grand prize giveaway - only two episodes left!!

Our golf cart experts, Dave and Nick, are working hard to remodel the Yamaha Drive G29 cart. We added a DoubleTake Sentry dashboard with a matching blue-on-black look-a-like finish in the last episode! We also installed a new flooring cover to make this cart feel brand new.

In today's episode, we'll work on fixing the seats of our cart. So, stay with us as we tell you how to install it properly to make your cart look more professional.

Installing Golf Cart Seats - Whole Process

We wanted to ensure that our golf cart had all the available comforts, so we went with a DoubleTake's Max 6 Helix Seat Kit. This kit is a good choice if you want the look and feel of luxury on your golf cart. This product will add an elegant touch to any cart, and we went with Veranda-style blue-on-black cushions for the front and back seats. With so many cushion styles and colors available at Golf Cart Garage, you're sure to find what suits your unique taste!

Why DoubleTakeMax 6 helix seat kit?

These versatile rear seats can be neatly tucked away when not in use but quickly spring out to its full potential. They kit is fitted with a hidden compartment for storing your cooler or boxes and can be fully extended to a cargo bed so that you have plenty of room for hauling as well!

Golf Cart Rear Seat Upgrade

Installing any hardware requires some guidance and help. There are some great manufacturer videos on how to do this part, but our advice is to find someone to help with the installation to make it easy and smooth.

One important thing to consider when installing a rear seat kit on any cart is suspension and tire clearance, especially with Yamaha. It's worth considering because Yamahas rely solely on shock absorbers instead of the leaf springs that we find on Club Cars and EZ-Go models. If you find play in your suspension, it may be time for a new or upgraded shock. Fortunately, our shocks are in great shape, and we were able to remove the front seat, so that is an easy fix!

Golf Cart Front Seat Upgrade

It takes about five minutes to remove and replace the hardware from the existing seats and replace with the new seats. We love this upgrade because it's so simple, and quick for when you need more room on the go. Once we got it all bolted up, the results looked great, and we were ready to move on to the next upgrades.

Extra Tips

If you're working on a big project like this one, it's always a good idea to prepare for some trips to the hardware store. There's a good chance that something will get broken or cross-threaded, especially if you're working on a cart that's been used previously on a golf course or had multiple owners. We've found mismatched hardware all over the place and had to go hunting for replacements.

Final Words

This upgrade seems noteworthy when you replace those old rusted-up seats with new ones that make an impact right away. With the rear seat kit installed, our cart indeed feels like an updated version of itself. The DoubleTake seats are something special. They stood out to us and made our cart different from the rest of the competition, in terms of comfortability and design!

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Next Episode - Next, we'll work on a rooftop and windshield. As you can see, the golf cart interior is taking shape! We hope that you'll stay connected with us for the rest of the customization. 

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