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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 8)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 8)

Welcome to our Extreme Golf Cart Makeover Series! Our transformation of the Yamaha G29 is going great. Our experts have been working hard remodeling the cart while we wait patiently for golf cart transformation on today's episode, which promises to be both exciting and informative. So stay tuned here with us.

In today's episode, we’ll install the rooftop, windshield, steering wheel, and mirrors from DoubleTake. We started by using the hardware we removed when tearing the cart apart to reinstall the top struts.

Pro tip - Reusing previously removed hardware is a great way to keep your project running smoothly. Labeling and photographing hardware before removal is a key component of any successful customization project. 

Not only does it help with tracking what you've removed, but about 50% of installations we complete reuse previously removed fasteners like rivets or bolts, which means less time spent reusing old parts for future jobs!

So, let's start the golf cart transformation with the top.


We installed the top using brackets and hardware in our kit, keeping it uniform to DoubleTake's design. The blue matched perfectly with no issues at all! This 54-inch rooftop was just right for us, but if you need an extended one, there are other lengths available, as well as other colors that will match your cart color schemes flawlessly too.

Magnetic Windshield

Next, we installed our DoubleTake windshield with magnetic fasteners. Once we removed the protective shipping film from their surfaces and tested out how well they held up in both upright positions or upside down, we were impressed! This is an excellent way of helping fix an age-old problem that many models suffer from - dried-up rubber clamps, which can lead them to slip or come off in high winds.

Pilot Steering Wheel

Next, we installed our new DoubleTake pilot steering wheel. It came with an adaptor to fit the Yamaha steering column and a blue insert that matched exactly what's on the dashboard. The new DoubleTake pilot steering wheel was a big upgrade over the OEM, not only in look and feel but also in performance. 

Simplifying the installation process will save you time and frustration, but a pro tip is to keep your steering wheel nut loose during removal. This way, it doesn't accidentally hit someone in their pretty face. Sometimes it can take some force to remove the factory wheel.

Rearview Mirror

With the Panoramic mirror from DoubleTake, you can enjoy your favorite pastime in style. The installation only requires drilling some pilot holes and then carefully using hand tools to attach brackets without stripping screws on them. Once this part is complete, we use screw-down knobs for adjustments to satisfy drivers of any preference! It's a great street-legal accessory, not just good-looking but practical too!

Armor Nerf Bars

A golf cart can be both fun and an affordable ride, but they're not always easy to get into, especially if they have been lifted. At last, it is time to install armor nerf bars from Madjax. The packaging for these arrived just as before, in great looking condition and well protected with a premium package. We installed the nerf bars to give drivers and passengers an 8-inch lower step into the golf cart. No wonder why this accessory is valuable.

PS - If you're looking for complete customization of your cart, visit Golf Cart Garage. You can find full DoubleTake customization kits in various styles and colors for the top models from Yamaha, EZ-Go, and Club Car.

Now that our installation is complete, we can't wait to see your reaction when we post a before and after montage together in the next and final episode. Plus there will be an announcement about the grand prize winner as well! You might even get some exclusive sneak peeks from what's coming up in season 2. So, stick with us!

Do you find this series interesting? Make sure to visit the Extreme Golf Cart Makeover page to follow the whole transformation. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates.

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