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Golf Cart Enclosures

Golf cart enclosures are one of the best accessories to invest in a golf cart. Not only do they keep riders safe and dry when it's raining, but they also provide shade on hot days and can even keep riders warm in the colder months. We offer high-quality golf cart enclosures in different colors and style options at Golf Cart Garage. Our golf cart enclosures are durable, water-resistance, and easy to install. 

Shop Golf Cart Enclosure by Style 

Enclosing your golf cart is a great way to keep yourself warm and dry when the weather is worse. And, thanks to the wide variety of enclosure styles available, you can find one that suits your taste. So, whether you're looking for something modern with a sleek design or more traditional, there's sure to be an enclosure style that fits your needs at Golf Cart Garage. 

Door Max Enclosure: We have the door Max golf cart enclosures that are perfect for those who want an easy exit and entry. These framed doors come in several different vinyl or Sunbrella fabric colors to complement your cart in 2, and 4-passenger versions!

Over The Top Enclosure: With over-the-top golf cart enclosures, you can show off your personality and style any day. That’s why our collection includes high quality over the top enclosures. This golf cart enclosure is designed to slip over the top of your golf cart and be securely hooked down with metal hooks.

Track Style Enclosure: Our Track Style golf cart enclosure collection comes in two different styles. Straight back or full back rear curtain. The straight back curtains tuck between the seat and rack to leave clubs easily accessible without sacrificing style points!Full back rear curtain models provide a safer and more secure ride for golfers with their clubs being kept well protected inside the enclosure. These covers come in multiple colors and fabrics for all popular 2 & 4-passenger carts.

Universal Enclosure: Take your golf game on the road with our universal enclosure that provides both portability and economy. It can be installed in just minutes - so you'll always have an easy way to carry around all those clubs! The universal enclosure is available in multiple vinyl colors.

Our Golf Cart Enclosure Fits All Golf Cart Types

Like most golf cart owners, you want to ensure your cart is well protected from the elements. That's why we offer different golf cart enclosures that are designed to fit all styles of carts. Our selection of golf cart enclosures is made of durable materials that will keep your cart looking great for years to come.

2 Passenger Golf Carts: This golf cart is the most popular of all carts at resorts, communities, and places of work. It seats two people comfortably with room to spare! Our collection includes many different color options for 2-seater golf carts enclosures. This enclosure is easy to set up and take down and fits most standard size golf carts.

4-Passenger Golf Carts: With a 4-passenger capacity, these carts are spacious and can hold up to four passengers at once! A little longer than two-passenger models (over eight feet), they're great if you want room inside your ride or need some extra cargo space. We stock a premium golf cart enclosure for 4 seater golf carts that are made of heavy-duty vinyl and include zippered windows and doors. It is easy to install and fits most standard golf carts.

6 Passenger Golf Carts: The 12-foot-long, 6-passenger golf cart is often called the limo of golf carts. It features front and rear-facing seats to accommodate friends and family. Enjoy your time out with a 6-seater golf cart enclosure that will protect your golf cart from the elements. It is made of heavy-duty fabric and has zippered doors for easy access.

Lifted Golf Carts: What if you could take your golfing experience up a notch? Lifted carts have become more popular because they offer better ground clearance and stability. The wider footprint also means these vehicles can fit larger tires for on-road or off)- terrain conditions! The lifted golf cart enclosures are designed to protect your golf cart from the elements while it is lifted. It is made of heavy-duty materials and features zippered doors for easy access.

Why to Shop From Golf Cart Garage? 

The perfect golf cart enclosure is only the beginning of your customizing experience with our wide selection. The possibilities are endless with our wide selection of golf cart accessories and parts. You can find hundreds of golf cart items to customize your ride, whether you're looking for larger seats or an updated color scheme!

If you cannot find an enclosure of your choice, call us at 800.401.2934 or Email us at

Golf Cart Enclosure FAQ

What is the best material for a golf cart enclosure?

A sturdy, weatherproof fabric is the best material for a golf cart enclosure. This will protect you and your golf cart from the elements while you are out. 

Can you enclose a golf cart?

Yes, you can. A golf cart enclosure is a great way to enclose your cart to protect your golf cart from the harsh weather. It can keep the wind and rain out and help to keep the cart clean.

How do you measure a golf cart enclosure?

To measure the size of a golf cart enclosure, you'll need to measure your cart's length, width, and height. Once you have these golf cart measurements, you can determine which size enclosure will fit your golf cart. Be sure to add an extra few inches to each measurement to account for the overlap of the fabric.