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Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 2)

Extreme Golf Cart Makeover (Episode 2)

Welcome to the second episode of the Extreme Golf Cart Makeover series. In the first episode, we did some research, purchasing, troubleshooting, and some quick installs.

Moving on now in this episode, we will get our Yamaha G29/Drive ready for a complete custom remodel. We are going to install two important golf cart parts in this episode.

  1. 3 Inch Lift Kit
  2. 22 Inch Tires

Why a 3-inch Lift Kit and 22 Inch Tires?

You may be wondering why we choose this particular size lift kit and tires. Well, the reason is, the G29 model line sits a bit higher than most factory stock carts. It also does not come equipped with leaf springs. So we decided to try a 3-inch lift kit and 22-inch tires for a solid height increase without sacrificing stability.

Lifting the Cart

We are as excited as you are to see the transformation. That's why we started with lifting the cart to check out the resulting height difference and get a test drive for alignment and speed increase. We used a smartphone app for a speedometer, but we did find that this increased our speed from a golf course governed 8 or 9 miles an hour up to about 16, a pretty substantial jump!

For the height increase, the formula we've always seen is to take the current cart height and add the size of the lift kit plus half the tire height increase with a tolerance of half an inch or so.

Tire Upgrade

After lifting the cart, we moved forward to the tires. We've upgraded from 18-inch tires to 22s (You can also check out our tire selection at GCG). So we expected growth of 5 inches total. Our first measurement showed a cart height of 69 3/4 inches. 

Once our lift was complete, we got a measurement of 75 1/4 inches tall, which comes out to a five and a half-inch height increase. It's barely within the tolerance of the equation we researched.

We hope the formula helps you to understand the speed and height increases you expect if you are looking forward to a similar project. After all, the measurement does matter.

Pro Tip: "Lift Once, Measure Twice"

Remember to lift once and measure twice because you definitely do not want your cart to get stuck in or out of the garage.

Adding these two parts made our G29 walking tall in brand new shoes. To watch our beast subscribe to our YouTube channel and see the complete transformation. Many more interesting golf cart transformation videos are coming. 

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Episode 3 - In the next episode, we'll remove the roof, windshield, seats, body of our G29 and get it ready to show its new true colors. It's going to be super exciting. Do not forget to stop by and watch it.

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