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Who Makes The Best Golf Cart Batteries?

Who Makes The Best Golf Cart Batteries?

24th Nov 2020

Getting the right golf cart batteries for your golf cart positively affects the cart's performance. With so many golf cart battery brands on the market, it may be daunting to know which is best for your cart, however, this article will help you better understand the brands so that you can be more confident in your battery choice.

The technology of the golf cart batteries have been continuously improving. We exist in a world powered by batteries, and golf carts are no exception. In the early years, an electric golf cart could only last one round of golf. Now, an electric cart can last much longer than one round with ease. Of course, there are some golf cart batteries that last longer than others but improvements have been across the board.

Here's everything you need to know about the best golf cart battery manufacturers.


Since 1952, Trojan has been producing ideal batteries for different vehicles, especially golf carts. They make a range of deep cycle batteries for renewable energy systems, including deep cycle gel, flooded lead-acid, and AGM. You probably have come across this brand, as they are commonly installed in golf carts. The Trojan batteries are capable of providing durability, versatility, and an excellent life cycle. The unique formula and personalized design are a big space saver. Apart from every great feature, the brand knows how to combine power, quality, and speed in a single battery.

U.S. Battery 

Since 1926, U.S. Battery has been a highly admired brand that produces golf cart batteries with a long life cycle. The brand manufactures batteries for multiple applications. U.S. Battery is focused on innovation and excellence. U.S. Battery understands that golf cart users have specific requirements for batteries. Their Deep Cycle Batteries have the ability to maintain peak capacity for a long time between charges.

Crown Battery 

Crown has been around since 1926. Crown batteries are known for their superior quality, which is reflected in their cost. The batteries tend to have a longer battery life, which is worth the higher price for many consumers. When it comes to the construction, Crown produces a modern-looking design. Although, more than battery looks, the brand is focused on performance.

Allied Battery 

Allied Battery is a leading brand in golf cart Lithium-Ion Batteries, a newer type of golf cart battery with a solution for almost every golf cart model. Quick charging, lightweight, and compact design are some of the notable features. These Batteries require no maintenance, which leads to no watering, no acid leaks, and no hassle.

UPG Battery 

The UPG (Universal Power Group) batteries are considered premium golf cart batteries as they are built to last longer. The brand has been in business since 1968, though they officially started producing lead-acid batteries in the 90s. The UPG batteries are featured with the high-end capacity, sealed construction, and smaller size. The quality and functionality of the UPG batteries are unbeatable and spill-proof, which means rough terrain is no match for this battery. The superior design of the UPG battery ensures to give you years of maintenance-free use.


Amstron has been in the business of manufacturing golf cart batteries for a long time.Three things define Amstron - accessibility, mobility, and security. They manufacture a decent battery to give you a good service for a long period. The Amstron battery products are guaranteed to provide a great result, at lower cost. The brand believes in timely upgrades and innovative ideas. All the Amstron golf cart battery models are designed to match the industry requirements, quality, and performance.

Lifeline Marine 

The Lifeline Marine is mainly used for marine applications but is still considered a good match for golf carts. They exclusively manufacture AGM, or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. Lifeline Marine battery models are produced by keeping demand and usage in mind. With high-quality construction, this battery offers slow discharge. Lifeline Marine batteries are hand-made in the USA and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for use in the U.S. Military vehicles, which adds trust in the product. The high charge efficiency design makes the Lifeline Marine batteries easy to use. Moreover, leaks and damage are not on the list of concerns.

Choosing a golf cart battery can be a complex process. It's important to know what you need in terms of affordability, maintenance, and battery life. We hope this article helps answer some of your questions regarding what golf cart battery is best for you!

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